The idea behind franchise is that the franchiser provides franchisees with all the know-how they need to successfully run their businesses. A franchise is then a great way to start a business when one doesn’t feel like being a self-standing entrepreneur yet. At the same time, it allows one to be their own boss to a certain extent.

But how to effectively promote opportunities franchise brings and share knowledge with the network members? It’s simple: by employing webinars. Let’s look at six reasons why you should consider using them in your communication with franchisees.

1. Webinars let you easily reach out to franchise prospects

Want to explore new markets to win new business partners? You need to put in some effort to reach out to people who may be interested in your offer. With webinars, you get an opportunity to communicate your message to a large audience with a minimum time and money investment.

You can prepare a great elevator pitch webinar to present your business and opportunities it gives, and run it several times. Every time you can aim it at a different target group, depending on e.g. localisation, time zone, etc.


2. You can host webinars no matter where your franchisees are based

Franchise networks can be wide. Think of fast-food companies that operate globally. They need to have effective communication with their partners scattered across the world to make sure they know everything they need to know to successfully operate in their markets. That’s what Subway has been doing since entering the vast Russian market that covers six time zones.


3. Webinars are time and cost-effective

In wide networks, opportunities to establish a close, personal relationship with your partners are limited. Imagine Subway Russia’s representatives travelling long distances to reach every franchisee in the country to support them in running their businesses locally. Think how much time and money they would spend.

With webinars, you can mimic face-to-face meetings time and cost-effectively. All you need to pay for is access to a good webinar platform. And if you take into consideration the fact that you can host a webinar for as many as several hundred attendees, you will realise how much time it saves you.


4. Webinars let presenters and attendees interact in real-time

As a franchiser, you may be worried about the fact that you cannot meet your business partners face-to-face on a regular basis. You may think that a webinar will not give you enough opportunity to interact with your audience and to properly cater for their needs. Don’t worry, webinars let you have a real-time interaction with participants and are much more effective than e.g. e-learning courses where one has a limited access to the teacher.

In webinars, thanks to the chat and the Q&A feature attendees can ask you questions without having to write emails, make phone calls, etc. You can also ask them about their problems, the challenges they face, and react immediately.


5. Webinars offer you tools to share knowledge in an engaging way

Good webinar platforms provide you with numerous tools and features to communicate your message in an attractive form. Showing videos on how to best present products on store displays, sharing the screen to teach your audience how to operate your internal accounting software, or running a survey to decide what product promotion to start next month – all this is available from a good webinar platform.

And thanks to the recording feature, you can give access to your webinars to those of your partners who could not make it to the online event.


6. Webinars make franchisees stick with the brand

It may be a challenge to build your brand among business partners scattered across the country or the world. It’s much easier with webinars, especially if your provider lets you use your own custom branding, i.e. add your logo and brand colours to all user-facing elements.

If you run your webinars on a regular basis and share expert’s knowledge in an accessible way you can be sure your franchisees will treat you as an authority and a brand worth sticking with.



Webinars are a great tool for every franchiser willing to win new businesses partners and to foster relations with their network. If you would like to start using webinars to communicate your message to your present and potential franchisees, take a look at the features ClickMeeting has to offer.

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