How to Use Webinars to Comment on Live Industry Events

For many industries, there are plenty of live events going on every week around the globe. The majority of them can be watched online thanks to live streaming organizers provide.


Did you know that with webinars you can provide your audience – your blog readers, YouTube channel subscribers or social media followers – with a very special kind of live transmission of big events and make them feel as if they were present at the event themselves? Learn why it is worth making a live broadcast part of your own webinar and what benefits it brings to your audience.


YouTube feature

Some webinar platforms offer a YouTube feature you can use after you have entered the webinar room. It lets you show any video footage available on YouTube as part of your webinar. So, if there is an industry event going on soon, grab the opportunity to watch it with your audience. Let them listen to you commenting on it in real time and encourage to join the discussion and have a chat with you, other experts and participants.


Commenting in real time

Can you recall a sports event broadcast live on TV and commented on by sports journalists? Such programmes are much more exciting and engaging than if you were to watch them without any comments at all.

Webinar platforms let you make a live transmission part of your own webinar and comment on it live. Your attendees can both see you and hear you as if you were in a TV studio. It’s a great opportunity to explain more complex issues related to the topic of the event you are watching together, to clear any doubts that may arise, present your opinion as an expert and answer attendees’ questions.

But how will you know they need you to clear up any doubts? And how will they know they can ask any questions? Well, interaction in real time and the possibility to communicate during online events is what webinar platforms provide.


Interaction with your audience

Thanks to the fact you and your audience can get in touch with each other, a webinar with a live broadcast is so much more than a video footage on TV or YouTube channel.

Attendees can ask you any questions on chat. You can read them aloud and reply immediately so that everyone else hears the answers in case they were just to ask the same question.

If you co-host your webinar with other experts – which you can do, even if you are miles away from each other – encourage your audience to start a conversation with them as well.

What you can also do when co-hosting a webinar, is run a discussion panel while the live broadcast is on, and give your audience a broader perspective on the event they are watching.

And finally, thanks to the survey feature you can learn your audience’s opinions on the topic of the event you are presenting as part of your webinar.


Recording your webinar

And finally, when the live transmission is over and you, your co-presenters and participants have finished an interesting discussion, you can save the webinar thanks to the recording feature. Make the recording available from your website or YouTube channel and send the link to the attendees as well as to those of your audience who registered but finally couldn’t make it to your online event.



Making a live broadcast part of your webinar makes your online event much more engaging for the audience. Participants benefit from it as they not only listen to your comments during the transmission but they can also join the discussion and share their opinions.

So, when the next big industry event is live on YouTube, try this idea and run your first webinar with a real-time broadcast. Good luck!

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