A personal brand is a key to attracting loyal customers because you’re recognized as a credible and valuable source of information. But you knew that.

What you may not know is how to build and grow a personal brand. There are many techniques, but we’d like to focus on one – using webinars!

First: webinars are a quick and easy way to communicate with your audience. Second: they showcase your expertise and help you build long-lasting relationships with customers.

Building a personal brand is a crucial topic, so we invited Jamie Turner, a great example of a successful brand, to run our webinar.

What will you learn from the webinar?

  • Why webinars are important for your business.
  • Webinar best practices.
  • The most common webinars mistakes.
  • How webinars help your personal brand stand out.

The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 12:00 noon EDT.

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Jamie Turner is the CEO of SIXTY, a marketing consultancy and advisory firm that has worked with Coca-Cola and Holiday Inn among others. He also runs 60SecondMarketer.com – a truly informative business blog. Apart from that, he’s a co-author of Go Mobile and a regular guest on CNN and HLN where he discusses business, digital media and leadership.

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Posted by Jakub Zielinski

Jakub is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist at ClickMeeting.

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