Having the perfect title for your webinar can mean the difference between having a large audience for your webinar or not. In about 30 seconds or less, a person will decide if the webinar topic is interesting enough to register for and attend. The perfect webinar title should be catchy enough to capture a person’s attention and specific enough to make it relevant to them.

However, the perfect webinar title isnít just to entice attendees to register for your online event. Your webinar title should also take into other factors for your webinar to be a resounding success, for the following reasons:

  • Your webinar will rank better in the search engines and you will get more exposures
  • A catchy webinar title will mean that more people will open webinar promotional emails
  • You will get more shares on social media because people find your topic engaging.

Because your the choice of the webinar title is of utmost importance, it can be a challenge to know exactly what works and what doesn’t.


How to Choose the Perfect Webinar Title

Here are 5 criteria for choosing the perfect title. If you can incorporate one or more of these webinar tips into choosing a title, you will see your attendance figures grow for your next webinar.


1. Do research

The first principle to take into consideration when choosing a title is to do proper research. In fact, without the proper research, the other tips in this article are almost useless. You need to know what your audience is interested in.

You can find out what your audience will most likely be interested in by using one of the following methods:

  • Scan your blogs. Have a look to see which blogs are shared the most. You can use this as an idea for your next webinar title
  • Scan your emails. Which topics from your email campaigns are opened the most? Analyze what made those emails more popular
  • Do Keyword research. Researching popular and trending keywords can also help you choose the perfect title for your webinar.

When you have carried out research to find the perfect kind of topic, you are now in a much better position to craft the perfect title.


2. Make your webinar title specific

Avoid the mistake of trying to appeal to so many people that you end up appealing to no one. The perfect title for your webinar should be specific and to the point.

For example, a webinar title like ìHow to Increase Product Sales is far too general to appeal to people. However, if you choose something like ’10 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Boost Sales is a working title that is much more specific. You could also use a title like Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Increase Sales.

So, make sure that your title is very specific in its message so that you reach the perfect audience.


3. Spice up your title

To come up with the perfect title for your next webinar, you should use words that evoke strong emotions. So, use words like “amazing”, “fantastic”, “brilliant”. Even so-called negative words can be used effectively to create an attention-catching webinar topic.

Another way to spice up your title is to use alliteration. This is choosing 2 words together that start with the same letter. For example, Foolproof Formula to Boost Sales with Social Media. This is an example of a specific title using alliteration. This type of title may just work for you to boost attendance figures for your next webinar.


4. Keep it short

There are many reasons why a short webinar title is a perfect webinar title. Of course, depending on the topic of your webinar, there are limits to how short the title can be. But, try to have the title as short as possible.

Here are the advantages of having a short title for your webinar:

  • Your webinar title won’t get truncated in the search engines
  • Shorter titles (between 12 and 14 words) are more likely to get shared on social media
  • More people click on short titles.

So, before you publish your webinar title, go over it in your head to check that it is short, too the point, and descriptive.


5. Optimize

If you have tried to implement a few of the previous suggestions, then optimizing your title for your audience, to rank well in the search engines and to get shared on social media should be very easy.

To optimize your title to make it perfect for your webinar, try to incorporate your main keyword near the beginning of the title. This has the added advantage that, in case your title gets truncated in the search engines, your main keywords still appear in the search results.

However, when optimizing for the search engines, never forget that your main goal is to appeal to real users who will sign up for your next webinar. This means choosing the perfect title for your webinar.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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