In recent months, as a result of the spreading pandemic, many valuable conferences have been canceled. Luckily, thanks to webinar platforms such as ClickMeeting, sharing knowledge is still not only possible but needed more than ever.


Nethansa knows this perfectly well and, therefore, decided to focus on educating and helping other companies that may need it in these difficult times. They organized online events to show solutions that allowed many companies to emerge from the crisis unscathed.

Many entrepreneurs and people responsible for e-commerce attended their webinars, and the most popular of them gathered nearly 300 registrations.

If you also want to build an image of an expert and share your knowledge with potential customers – read the case study and see how Nethansa achieved this goal with online events.


The customer:

Nethansa provides a fully comprehensive solution for companies that want to sell their products all over the world through Amazon. It creates solutions that help companies to enter the global market as well as sell more products with higher profits.

Its authorial software platform – Clipperon – automates sales and logistics on marketplaces and make e-commerce more efficient.


Nethansa’s reason for using the ClickMeeting webinar platform:

Supporting Polish companies in challenging COVID-19 times through sharing unique knowledge about sales on the world’s largest marketplace – Amazon.


The benefits:

  • Efficient communication with the audience (reminders, automated emails);
  • Possibility to receive questions from the audience;
  • Many useful functions, such as adding checkboxes, or legal requirements
  • In compliance with GDPR;
  • Chance of getting feedback about the webinar session very quickly.


An effective way to share knowledge and support companies during the crisis

In the competitive world of e-commerce, foreign expansion is a factor that can provide a tremendous competitive advantage and significantly increase the company’s revenues.

Nethansa organizes many initiatives aimed at sharing knowledge about selling on marketplaces. The company took part in every valuable e-commerce event and organized the Marketplace Academy, which is the biggest event dedicated to international expansion through marketplaces.

As Agnieszka Kenig-Westphal, Head of Digital & Content Marketing at Nethansa, says: 

The interest in international sales in the Polish market is very high. Marketplaces, such as Amazon, are one of the easiest ways to reach foreign customers. In our Digital Strategy for 2020, we have placed greater emphasis on educating entrepreneurs about the excellent opportunities that Amazon offers. In addition to the traditional formats of online communication, we have decided to use more interactive forms, such as video. A direct impulse to start doing webinars was the announcement of the pandemic in Poland. At that time, we organized our most popular webinars cycle, “Supporting Polish Companies” (#WspierajmyPolskiHandel), under the patronage of Marketer+, E-commerce w Praktyce,, and other well-known media.


In April 2020, Nethansa organized webinar series aimed to support Polish companies in the new reality. They decided to share their unique and expert knowledge about sales on Amazon.


Our series of webinars have been a great success! The pandemic thwarted our plans for offline events, but we were still able to contact with our audience online. Webinars are an excellent way of sharing knowledge and building communities. The interest has definitely exceeded our expectations!


Their webinars were attended mainly by entrepreneurs and also by people responsible for e-commerce and global trade in Shopping Chains, Online Shops, Trading Companies, selling branded products, or their owned products.

Moreover, Nethansa organizes webinars for active Amazon Sellers in B2C (Seller Central) and Amazon Sellers in B2B (Vendor Central).

Time-saving automation of activities

When using ClickMeeting, organizing webinars is intuitive and hassle-free. The platform contains all necessary features and allows organizers to customize the event room to their own needs with a few clicks.

Nethansa employees who organized webinars appreciated the functionality and intuitiveness of the ClickMeeting platform:


I like using ClickMeeting because of the possibility to manage all needed areas of organizing a webinar: registration, waiting room, communication with people, and feedback through an easy questionnaire. The possibilities to automate all of these activities save a lot of time.


Possibility to improve the quality of services thanks to valuable audience feedback

Feedback should be valid for all organizations. It is the way for companies to know the opinions, expectations, and needs of their customers. But the question is – how to encourage people to share their insights about the particular brand?

One of the most effective ways is hosting a live webinar. During such an online event, it is easy to ask the audience to share their opinion through the chatbox. Moreover, webinars make people more willing to ask questions, which can also give companies important information to use to improve their services.


Webinars are a great engagement booster. We’ve noticed that people are willing to ask many questions during online meetings. These help us understand our audience better, and thanks to these opportunities, we can still develop our product and marketing activities– says Agnieszka.


A solution that meets expectations

ClickMeeting has turned out to be an excellent tool for Nethansa employees to share their knowledge. Thanks to their webinars, they reached many people who are interested in international sales.

According to Agnieszka:


Our webinars cycle was very popular, and, only in April, we had nearly 1000 registrations. We promote it mostly through organic channels, so it is a superb number! It means that topics were perfectly matched. Moreover, in addition to new people who were interested in the webinars, we could use the recorded materials for prospects who were already in the sales funnel. The great value of these webinars allowed our future clients to understand the complexities of selling on Amazon, which resulted in a quicker purchase decision in the end.


Webinars met not only the expectations of the organizers but also the attendees. As Agnieszka noticed:


The feedback from our attendees was great. So far, 100% of the participants gave them the highest possible rate.

Would Nethansa recommend ClickMeeting webinar software?

We already know that ClickMeeting has provided Nethansa with many benefits and met most of their expectations. But would they recommend it to other users?


Yes, I would definitely recommend it. ClickMeeting has an intuitive dashboard, and it is easy to use. It gives us many opportunities to contact the attendees, send them invitations, reminders, thank-you emails. Everything happens automatically. What is also great, you can broadcast your webinar LIVE on Facebook and YouTube. It helps you increase the reach for your webinar.




If you are looking for a tool that will allow you to share your knowledge with others simply and intuitively – check out ClickMeeting. Create a 30-day free trial account and see for yourself if our platform meets your expectations.

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