The global e-learning market is expected to grow from $176 billion in 2017 to reach $325 billion by 2025! If you are a teacher or have a specific area of expertise, you should definitely think about how you can grab your share.  People are looking for ways to acquire new skills every day, and digital technology makes it easier now than ever before.


We could write a lengthy blog post stuffed with tips on how to leverage your know-how, but we’d rather invite you to a webinar instead. We’re hosting an interactive Case Study Webinar featuring Arturo Tedeschi, a world-renowned computational designer from Milan, Italy. Arturo will join our Marketing Director, Agnes Jozwiak, to talk about his experience and success with online courses and webinars.


What’s it all about?

Lots of people have the necessary skills and knowledge to educate others online, but very few know how to share their expertise professionally and leverage available technology.

To help break it down, we invited our friend, Arturo Tedeschi, to talk about his approach. Arturo uses webinars to host online training sessions in computational design. Bringing together his know-how and today’s technology, he created a series of online courses.

Through this case study webinar, we want to show you how you can do the same.


Join  us on April 2 at 11:00 EST  to  learn more about:

  • Arturo’s story and how he became a worldwide  expert in his niche>
  • Incorporating webinars into your business
  • Webinar features that make your online courses shine


Arturo Tedeschi

Architect, computational designer and writer based in Milan, Italy.  He started his career in 2004, combining professional practice with personal research on algorithms-aided design, focusing on relationships between architecture and emerging technologies.  He is the author of AAD Algorithms-Aided Design, a worldwide reference book on algorithmic design.

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