Why Are Webinars Perfect for Digital Nomads?

Are you a member of the constantly growing community of digital nomads? Do you know webinars are a perfect tool for people like you, both when you seek knowledge and want to share it? Webinars fully address your needs, like the ones discussed in this article.


Need for freedom

You prefer to be a freelancer than a full-time employee. You choose co-living instead of paying a mortgage. You feel better in a co-working space than in a traditional office. You appreciate that you can move anytime you want, start doing something new and leave your old life behind you. No limitations – that’s what makes you happy.

Want to learn new skills? Instead of enrolling to a regular course or a traditional training, choose solutions that flexibly fit into your independent lifestyle. Such as webinars, live events you can take part in online and take advantage of other people’s knowledge without having to leave your flat or favourite café. And if you cannot make it on time, in many cases you will be able to watch a recoding after the event is over.

Want to share your experience with others or meet prospects? Invite them to your own webinar. You can organise it anytime you want and offer your audience suitable time and date. You can freely adjust the duration and the number of tools you use, as well. So, as you can see, there are (almost) no limitations!


Craving for new experiences

Digital nomads hate stagnation. A nine-to-five job and the same boss for 10 years – this is not you. What’s very much you, however, is being curious of the world and other people and ready to get engaged in new ventures. You want to experience, learn and interact.

Webinars are engaging live events that enable plenty of interaction between users and presenters. They give you an opportunity to share and discuss ideas on a variety of topics with people from all corners of the world. They offer modern tools, e.g. live streaming, live Q&A sessions and many others.


Always on the go

Digital nomads are devoted vagabonds, not tied to any place. An own flat or a mortgage? That’s not what you dream about, at least at the moment. You’d rather pursue another adventure, an exciting challenge or a new project.

Webinars seem a perfect solution for you, whether you want to learn or teach. All you need to run a webinar or participate in it is a laptop or a mobile device and the Internet connection, which is not such a challenge with free WIFI you can find practically everywhere. As for mobile devices – a true digital vagabond can’t live without one.


Love for technology

There certainly is a reason to call you DIGITAL nomads. Many of you were born in the Internet era. For you, being online and using portable devices is a natural thing. Your vagabond lifestyle makes you dependent on technology – you need to get in touch with friends worldwide, to work remotely and to buy a plane ticket.

So it’s pretty obvious that looking for ways to gain and share knowledge as well as to establish business relations you will choose technology-driven solutions. Webinars let you use both audio and video tools, a live chat, real-time surveys and polls, visual resources such as slides and many more.


Working remotely

As said, digital nomads aren’t interested in full-time employment. You highly value freedom in your professional lives. There are software developers, copywriters, translators, photographers, bloggers and start-up owners among you. You are constantly on the go and have no problems using technology, so you often work remotely and have flexible working hours. A co-working space, a café or the place you currently live – this is your natural work environment.

If you would like to invite people to a webinar or to take part in one, you should not have any problems fitting it into your daily schedule.

Remember that webinars are also a great tool to establish new business contacts, e.g. to win new clients, to promote your start-up or your blog.



Digital nomads are independent and always on the go. You pursue new opportunities, work remotely and make use of technology. Webinars – flexible, modern and engaging – are a perfect tool for people like you as they can be easily adjusted both to your and your audience’s needs.

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