How to Promote Your Start-up with Webinars

If you run a start-up and wonder if and how you can benefit from webinars, you should know that there are several advantages worth noting.

Showcase your product

You are currently developing your first product. If you want it to be something your customers will love to use, you should ask them what they actually expect. But how can you reach them, especially if they don’t live in your area? Run a webinar to present your product to end users before it is fully developed.

Make a survey during your webinar to ask participants questions about the features already implemented and functions you plan to implement. Let them tell you what they like, which features are redundant and what functions are missing. You can also answer your audience’s questions on chat or run a Q&A session and let attendees use their mics to address you directly.

In this way you gather valuable feedback that lets you save plenty of time and prevent from investing money in features no one wants. Instead, you will focus on what users really need. Make sure you add your participants’ emails to you mailing list. You will be able to invite them to a webinar again and show them your product once more, when it’s ready to use. Who knows, they may be willing to place an order immediately!


Find investors

Every start-up needs money to develop. How can you use webinars to win investors for your business? Prepare your pitch and a killer webinar presentation to show your future investors how they can benefit from co-funding your business activity. Promote your webinar on social platforms like LinkedIn, in Facebook groups or during industry events to reach influencers, business angels and anyone interested in investing in a start-up like yours. Invite them to your webinar. Run a Q&A session to answer their questions and clear their doubts. Save their data to stay in touch and keep them informed about your future ventures.


Find prospects

Are you looking for ways to reach people who may be interested in your offer? You‘d like to start building a mailing list to reach them with your email marketing campaigns. How to get their data? Host a series of webinars showcasing your product and reveal one feature, benefit or use case in a given context or industry in each webinar.

Promote it in social media to invite your target audience. Then add their emails to your list and ensure good communication after the event – keep your attendees engaged, share valuable resources and give them access to the webinar recording. Later on send a newsletter to your list. Include a discount coupon or present a new feature that has been added to your product. Stay in touch with your audience until they are ready to buy from you.


Develop an expert position

As a start-up owner you cannot wait to let the world know about your awesome product. You want to sell it straight away. But wait a second! Before you start selling, you need to earn your future clients’ trust and build brand awareness. You should find ways to start positioning yourself as an industry expert and share knowledge that you have and that your audience will find valuable.

With webinars it is quite an easy task. You simply run a series of webinar trainings for your prospects. You let them benefit from your expertise and experience related to your niche and, indirectly, to your product. Let’s say you sell an online payment solution. You don’t present it during your webinar. Instead, you educate your audience e.g. on how to ensure security of online transactions.

This is how you can have a huge impact on your image as an industry expert but also get in touch with people who can buy your product one day. In other words, you gather leads that you can further nurture in order to finally convert them into your clients.



As you can see, as a start-up owner you should consider making a good webinar platform part of your essential toolkit and an indispensable element of your marketing strategy. If you would like to learn more about our webinar solution, click here.

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