There’s always something about expertise that commands a stream of followers and loyal patrons. In whichever industry, the market is almost always captured by those who are considered experts in their respective fields. People want to deal with experts when they are looking for the best person or company to do business with. They are willing to listen and partner with persons or entities that exhibit a fair share of expertise. People are looking for who to trust, and expertise, both perceived and realized, is an important cornerstone in building that trust.

Whatever the task at hand, an air of expertise lends credence to those who offer specific services and seek a stream of captured audience. Clients and audiences are always searching for the right information tools, services and products that fit their needs and they are raring to be influenced in making the right choice. There is a full spectrum of industries and businesses and the rules of the game is inclusive yet simple: Expertise commands influence, and influencing your target audience means followers, patrons, clients and an increase in the bottom line.


  • So, you are a consultant for some type of industry and you want to build your client base? Clients will not hire you simply because you are a consultant; they will hire you because you are an expert.
  • Maybe you are a blogger who wants to rake in subscribers? Show your online audience that you have an expert opinion and you will have them subscribing to your feeds in an instant.
  • Are you a company that offers information technology products and services who want a fair share of the market? You need to build your reputation as an expert who will provide people with the best possible solutions.
  • Are you an educator whose sheer business is training and pedagogy? Show the public that your name has earned expertise in your field.


Whatever industry you belong to, there is an ever present need to establish your expertise so you can influence people to take your lead. But bear in mind that expertise is not something that could just be claimed. It is something that needs to be earned. Your target audiences and clients will think of you as an expert if they know that you know something because you are sharing that knowledge with them.


The Ideal Solution To Exhibiting Your Expertise

And here is where webinars offer a fitting solution to your expertise building woes. This nifty communication and knowledge sharing tool works perfectly to establish and prove your expertise to your target audience. Audiences are raring to learn and webinars provide just the right kind of interactive venue to seize your target audience and provide them with information.


  • Since a webinar is a virtual seminar, your voice and the variety of efficient tools at your disposal, such as, desktop sharing, images, Powerpoint slides, graphs, charts and much more allow for the most efficient manner in which to convey expertise and influence your target audience.
  • When doing webinars, you have more time to establish and exhibit your knowledge and audiences can then ask questions and scrutinize that knowledge, which is something that a blog post or twitter feed simply cannot offer in an instant.
  • Webinars also allow you to share valuable content without making your audience single-handedly leaf through lines upon lines of printed material or web posts.
  • Through webinars, your audience learns not because they persevered in reading your views but because you personally walked them through what you actually know.
  • Whether you host your own webinar or sign up for a webinar gathering of other players in your niche community, you are also able to choose for yourself a topic that allows you to venture into something you are particularly good at.
  • You can also customize your webinar input not only to suit the needs of your audience but also create an air of anticipation for what you have to share and discuss.


Bottom Line

Truth be told, establishing your expertise is an achievable goal when you create and use the right tools that the Internet and social media offer. Given their versatility and proven benefits, webinars can help you build your credibility, establish your expertise in your field, provide a venue to engage your audience and ultimately influence them to choose you in a sea of industry contenders.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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