ChatGPT 4o and AI transcription: a game changer in webinar marketing

Artificial intelligence has conquered almost all areas of our work. Without the assistance offered by, for example, popular language models, it’s hard to imagine marketing, of course (that’s why we’re here!).

But how useful are these tools for online event hosts? At ClickMeeting, we’ve once again asked ourselves this question, and a great opportunity to revisit it is the recent release of the improved GPT Chat, version 4o. I’m also taking the opportunity to unveil the secret and demonstrate a certain AI-powered feature that will greatly simplify the creation of content related to online events.

AI transcription + Chat GPT = the perfect relationship

During one of my previous webinars, I showed how to prepare a transcription of a webinar recording using an external tool called Sonix. But the whole process can be even simpler. We recently added a feature that allows you to generate an AI-powered transcription directly in ClickMeeting. So if you don’t want to miss it, and you don’t have your account yet, just try ClickMeeting.
I’ll show you right away how it works and how you can instantly prepare content based on it, such as a webinar report.
Just drop the txt file into the chat room, and then enter a really simple prompt, such as:

I’ll send you a text transcription of the webinar. Based on it, prepare proposals for the headings of each paragraph of the textual account of the event. In the next step, we’ll develop them into a long article to be published on a digital marketing portal.

Interrogate the Chat about the webinar content

What can we do now? Basically anything. For example, you can ask questions about the webinar and get instant answers. Of course, without having to watch the entire long recording.
Let’s introduce a trivially simple prompt:

Prepare a brief summary of the webinar for me.

After a while we have the summary ready:

The webinar, organized by ClickMeeting, focused on the practical use of artificial intelligence, and in particular the Chat GPT tool, in marketing and educational activities. Pawel Laniewski, a content marketing expert, presented step-by-step how this tool can support organizations in automating creative and promotional processes.
The webinar discussed:
1. idea generation: GPT Chat can provide creative topics for webinars, tailored to the specific needs and interests of the audience.
2. Marketing Content Creation: The tool efficiently generates webinar descriptions, email invitations and social media posts, significantly saving time and resources.
3. Interactive Q&A Sessions: Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers on the practical application of Chat GPT and its various versions.
An example of a successful application of Chat GPT was a language school that increased its marketing effectiveness with the tool and attracted more students to its courses.
The webinar ended with a question-and-answer session, during which Aniewski explained the technical details and practical aspects of using Chat GPT, highlighting its potential to increase competitiveness in the market. Participants were also informed about the availability of a recording of the meeting and additional materials.

Want more specifics? You’re very welcome. The next prompt might be:

List ideas for webinar topics that came up during the event

As you can see, the combination of AI transcription and models like ChatGPT is a real game changer from both the perspective of content creators and audiences.
Let’s say you’re a teacher who is running a lecture series. After the webinar, you want to analyze it, but time is money, so you don’t feel like watching the entire recording. All you have to do is put the transcript in Chat, and then use very simple prompts to get to the information you are interested in.
It sounds equally, or perhaps even more attractive, from the perspective of the content recipient, that is, for example, the student who received the webinar transcription. You can forget about both paging through the file yourself and searching for important information with ctrl + f combination. All you need to do is chat with a chatbot, who will play the role of that always perfectly prepared colleague from your class going to all the lectures.

Webinar report and email follow up

All right, but let’s move on to content creation. The first thing you’ll want to do is a webinar recap, which you can post on your company’s blog, for example – it’s usually the first item on a webinar marketing content recycling checklist. Of course, you can use different prompting tactics. Even a simple message like the one below will provide great results:

OK, but we hold open webinars to reap real marketing and sales benefits. So it’s time to start nourishing the leads you’ve acquired, and a great way to do that, of course, would be to send a follow-up mailing that encourages people to watch the recording and at the same time presents a special offer to purchase language courses.

Let’s introduce the following prompt:

Write a followup email that encourages people to watch the webinar recording and presents a unique offer for participants: -10% on all language school courses

The result? Quite nice

Subject line: thank you for participating in the webinar! Watch the recording and take advantage of the unique offer
Dear [Name],
Thank you for your participation in our recent webinar on using Chat GPT in marketing and education. We hope you found the meeting inspiring and provided many practical tips.
If you were unable to attend the live event or would like to revisit the issues discussed, we have good news for you! The recording of the webinar is now available and you can watch it at any time.
[Link to the recording]
We would also like to present you with a special offer as a token of our gratitude for your interest and involvement. For webinar participants only, we have prepared a unique discount of -10% on all our language courses. This is a great opportunity to develop your language skills with the help of our experienced teachers.
To take advantage of the offer, simply use the discount code WEBINAR10 when registering for any course on our website.
The offer is valid until [date].
Don’t miss this unique opportunity! We are confident that our courses will meet your expectations and help you achieve your language goals.
If you have any questions or need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!
We extend our warmest greetings,
The [Name of Language School] team.

More efficient content marketing doesn’t have to cost money

What’s extremely important: GPT 4o Chat is available completely free of charge. Yes, the free version has some limits, but for occasional use, such as for the needs of the aforementioned language school taking advantage of webinar marketing opportunities, it should be completely sufficient. And if you have bigger needs, want to create more content and prepare your own models, spending $20 per month does not seem like a big burden on your marketing budget at all. Especially since subsequent versions bring new possibilities, and already – at least in the content creation area – models like the one developed by OpenAI can be a good alternative for teams without their own copywriters.

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