Webinars are an important tool to effectively market your product and build brand authority. However, webinars are only one tool in the large toolbox of marketing strategies. In order to reach a wider audience, marketers have to make sure that their content is shared on social media.

Why should endeavor to make sure that your webinar audience shares your content on social media? Social media is all about relationships and in the world of marketing relationships sell. In order to know just why marketers who use webinars also need to embrace social media, it is important to know why people share content.


There are 5 major reasons why people share on social media:

  • They love to share entertaining and valuable content.
  • They share to define themselves.
  • It’s a great way to build and strengthen relationships.
  • Helps to feel more self-fulfilled.
  • They want to support brands that they feel passionate about.


5 Ways to Get Your Webinar Audience to Share Via Social Media

First of all, the fact that you have a webinar audience means that you already have a great starting point to leverage social media.

Your webinar audience represents relationships that you have built up and who are already interested in your product. All it needs is a little encouragement and they will be ready to share your content in no time at all. Here are 5 top tips how to influence your audience to share content on social media.


1. Engage your audience on social media

The first and foremost way to make sure that your webinar audience shares content is to connect with them on social media. You can use Facebook and Twitter to send your webinar attendees information about the webinar. This gives you the possibility to directly influence them on social media.

On your webinar registration page, you should have some social media buttons that easily allow registrants to follow you. You can entice them with offers of exclusive content through your social media channels.


2. Make it easy to share

The most important way to influence your webinar audience to share content via social media is to make it easy for them. So, in you pre-webinar and post-webinar emails you can include a button to share some content on social media.

If you direct your audience to your blog you can have “click to tweet” buttons with some specific text. This means that you can also specify what content gets shared.

So, whatever method that you use, just make sure that it only takes 2 or 3 clicks to share the content.


3. Ask to share

There’s no harm in asking, right? That’s right. Many studies show that tweets that ask people to retweet get over 50% more retweets than tweets that don’t ask. The same goes for the other social media platforms.

For example, you could ask your audience to post or tweet that they are attending your webinar presentation. If it’s something they are looking forward to, then they will be happy to let others know about it.


4. Use images to encourage sharing

One of the best ways to encourage your audience to share via social media is to use images. Studies show that posts that include images are 50% – 90% more likely to be shared than just text and status updates.

From your webinar presentation, you already have a large collection of images that you can share. Pick some of the best ones, and then once or twice a week post these on social media.

Or you could create a graphic with a pin in the locations of people who attended your webinar and post this as a thank you for attending. That might encourage people to share this interesting piece of information.


5. Create content that demands to be shared

It’s important to get into the habit of creating content on your blog, in your webinars, and on social media that demands to be shared. Remember, that the majority of people are looking for solutions to problems. When they find a solution, they will be happy to share that. What is the best kind of content?

Studies have shown that content that is in the form of “lists” or content that answers the questions “why?” or “how?” are more likely to be shared than blogs that answer the question “what?”

For example, your webinar could have the title could answer the question why or how. Or, you could start a series of blog posts on the “X facts about Ö”

When you use webinars to influence how your audience shares content via social media you will see your marketing success reach new heights.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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