SMSAPI provides a mass SMS messaging service for companies both in Poland and abroad. It uses ClickMeeting in its daily operations. How does our platform support SMSAPI? You will find out in this article.

Michał Kuliś, a content marketer at SMSAPI who is also responsible for organizing events, talks about cooperation with ClickMeeting and ways to use the tool.

SMSAPI mission

SMSAPI is a professional SMS gateway for enterprises. We deal with mass SMS messaging in Poland and abroad. Despite some consolidation after the changes related to the introduction of GDPR, the mobile communication market is still divided among the brands that focus on quantity rather than quality.
That is why we put emphasis on education. We truly believe that it is our responsibility to change the approach and perception of this branch of marketing and customer service. SMSAPI strives to improve the image of SMS communication so that it is closer to the end customers, i.e., the recipients. We want text messages to be a safe, effective, and respected medium.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

Effectiveness during the pandemic

It is often impossible or very difficult to meet customers directly and organize on-site events during the pandemic period. This also applies to participation in conferences, fairs, or trainings. At the same time, for SMSAPI they were an important source of inspiration, a chance to find new business opportunities, and a great motivation to work. However, the difficulties caused by the pandemic do not have to be associated with the resignation from these formats. On the contrary, thanks to webinars and videoconferences, they can be effectively transferred to online channels.

We decided to bring those relationships online. ClickMeeting proved to be a partner that helped us in this task. What’s more, it showed us new possibilities and opened the way to expand our online activities.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

ClickMeeting in your daily business

The potential of webinar marketing is enormous. It provides comprehensive care for the needs of both existing customers and recipients who have not yet made a purchase decision. It works well during the implementation of various marketing activities and perfectly fits into the strategy of modern companies. These possibilities are also recognized by SMSAPI, which uses webinars and online events for several purposes:

SMSAPI’s ClickMeeting webinars, meetings, conferences, and online trainings serve two main functions. First of all, they are an educational tool. They allow us to increase our clients’ knowledge about widely understood communication and marketing. Second, an equally important task is, of course, sales. During webinars, we show various applications of our mailing system, as well as solutions offered by our business partners. In addition, ClickMeeting also works well as an online meeting recording tool. This is extremely helpful when preparing audio and video materials.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

By creating your own webinars, you can achieve your goals and quickly see the effects of your actions:

The best example would be the statistics from our client education webinars. With each edition, we manage to engage more than 50 companies, with an average of 20 showing up. These numbers are growing every month. We also notice an increased interest and use of the functionality we present during the training.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

Where did the idea to host webinars come from?

The opportunities offered by webinars and webinar marketing are invaluable in times of pandemic. They very often allow you to replace face-to-face meetings with those that take place in a virtual space. But that is not all. The digitalization of communication opens up completely new perspectives and allows you to operate effectively in diverse markets, without any limits.

Conducting webinars, on the one hand, is a result of the current circumstances. On the other hand, we saw the need to run our own online events. The pandemic gave us the push to finally start running webinars, trainings, and other formats available through ClickMeeting.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

Who is the primary audience for SMSAPI webinars?

Thanks to webinars, SMSAPI effectively reaches both its existing customers – offering them extensive educational materials, including onboarding webinars or cross and upselling content – and a wide range of potential customers.

We try to engage the second group by organizing events, such as the online conference What SMEs like, which gathered over 300 participants. The event was an opportunity to familiarize Polish entrepreneurs running small and medium-sized businesses with the basics of marketing and other issues related to the online presence of a company.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI


Webinars in company strategy

Creating your own webinars and meeting cycles allows you to comprehensively take care of your clients’ needs. It also works well in lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns. What is important: by embedding them in a broader company strategy, you can easily solve many potential problems and take care of your recipients’ satisfaction.

Monthly webinars are an excellent educational tool for SMSAPI customers. The attendees appreciate the accessible formula, freedom of asking questions, and solving real problems. Moreover, transferring implementation elements to an online event streamlines the work of the customer service department. During a webinar, we can present both the theory and practice of using the messaging system and other basic issues related to SMS communication.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

Modern way of communication

During the pandemic period, many companies experienced problems with maintaining proper relations with customers. Those that relied on modern ways of communication, including organization of webinars and video conferences, coped much better with the new challenges. This also applies to SMSAPI.

Unfortunately, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting, but platforms like ClickMeeting allow you to get closer to your customers safely. Learning about their needs and establishing a relationship would not be possible using traditional email or even online chat. Webinars and online meetings are the answer to a real need for communication between company and customer.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

Customer service and product development

ClickMeeting is constantly growing. We pay special attention to customer support. Users can count on direct contact with our experts and professional care. What is extremely important: we listen to our customers and try to implement solutions suggested by them. This is one of the ClickMeeting traits that SMSAPI highlighted:

The choice of an online meeting platform was preceded by several months of testing. We tested various solutions, both Polish and foreign. The decision to bind with ClickMeeting was based on a simple yet invaluable reason – excellent customer service.
Moreover, we feel that our needs are being taken into account. For instance, with the introduction of the 16:9 video format, no other platform has provided us with such support. For this reason, we have developed a closer relationship with ClickMeeting and work together as business and marketing partners.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

What do attendees think about SMSAPI webinars?

Of course, companies that host webinars and online events need to focus primarily on their audience’s experience. This is why choosing the right platform is so important. It provides a framework for creating interactive and engaging events that the participants will appreciate. What kind of feedback does SMSAPI receive on its webinars?

Only positive ones or those saying that a given training or meeting could have been longer. Such a good reception is a signal for us that what we are doing is really needed and valuable. One of the nicest moments was after the What do SMEs like conference, when we were flooded with compliments on the merits and organization of the event. Such feedback motivates to work!

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

SMSAPI recommends ClickMeeting

We recommend ClickMeeting! It offers everything that other online meeting platforms do, but its unique value is its customer-centric approach. There is no other place that pays so much attention to the needs and unique circumstances of the business in which the company operates.

Michał Kuliś – content marketer at SMSAPI

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