Montessori teachers teach in a nontraditional environment that focuses on groups of children in varying ages.

One of these teachers is Matthew Bronsil who created for educators from all around the globe.

Customer needed:

  • Easy to use platform that did not require a whole team of people to run a webinar.
  • Affordable tool that allowed him to keep his webinar cost down.
  • Proactive customer support to ensure that everything is setup to run smoothly.


Shaping the future of education

Montessori teachers teach in a nontraditional environment that focuses on groups of children in varying ages. Independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural development are emphasized and encouraged. It is an education system that also requires Montessori teachers to get extra hours of professional development to keep their credentials.

One of these teachers is Matthew who is a lecturer in his own school and presenter at various conferences. When looking for online training opportunities, he found that there is an organization that delivers Montessori-centered webinars, however, they charge $55, which is simply too high of a price for a teacher.

Thanks to his passion, and the fact that he already had all the material needed to present, Matthew created, affordable for and reachable by both Montessori and non-Montessori teachers from all around the globe.

One man show is not run by a team of marketers, webinar specialists, or techies – it is a part-time business and the sole effort of one passionate teacher. However, Matthew himself says that the benefits of giving webinars a go are endless

However, Matthew kept having technical issues and received no support from his provider. He needed more than just a software that works, the needed a customer support team waiting to lend a helping hand. So, he se searched for a new webinar platform and that’s how he stumbled upon ClickMeeting.

I have seen people inspired to try what I talk about in the classroom. That is my favorite thing.


Experts waiting to help you

Matthew needed a customer-friendly platform that didn’t create hurdles as he prepared to present to teachers that were a couple of time zones away from him. In a bind to learn how to navigate the interface in time for his upcoming webinar, Matthew kept in close contact with the ClickMeeting online chat support team.

It took very little effort to send out emails with new webinar invitations about the change in where the webinar was going to take place. Everything set up and ready to go – and a smooth webinar was underway in no time.

I had to learn the interface quickly, so I kept bothering the online chat support team. They always answered my question quickly, perfectly, and resolved my issues. Everything ran perfectly.

A side business with potential to grow’s approach to business that keeps it running is to make sure the expenses equal to costs. Dropping the price of webinars significantly makes little money, but enough to put back into the business. Which is why ClickMeeting has been a great, affordable choice that not only keeps the business going but also helps it grow.


blockquote>What I need is the option to have the business pay for itself, then grow. ClickMeeting offers a very affordable option if you pay monthly, and better option if you feel you have the money to invest in a whole year.

Attendees have said how easy it is to join Matthew’s webinars, whereas Matthew himself never feels lost in the software, which helps him excel at his presentations. There are things he has learned to improve, but he assures that you can have a successful event even if you don’t understand every little detail of the platform. ClickMeeting is a perfect match for someone who wants to learn quickly and grow rapidly.

You had to apply nothing unique for my webinars. Everything is already perfect in your software. I can see no reason to not recommend ClickMeeting. I love it. – says Matthew.

ClickMeeting facilitated:

  • Easy to use software that can be mastered by both entry level and more advanced users
  • A customer support team that is always on-hand when a question arises
  • An affordable price package that helps small businesses grow

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