Studying languages entirely online doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. On the contrary. It has become very popular all over the world. Anyone interested can learn virtually any language without leaving their home. One of the specialists in this field is Dr. Ernst Grabovszki, who teaches German via ClickMeeting and helps people with dyslexia.

We are now used to having different types of courses fully online. This is very convenient: it is much easier to find free time, and save on commuting. Distance learning means a lot of comfort for teachers as well: conducting classes online can be equally fruitful, at the same time there is a proven set of techniques that will work perfectly with a particular group of students.

However, the right platform for webinars and online meetings plays a key role. With the right tool, communication will be much more effective, and knowledge transfer can be easier as well. See why Ernst Grabovszki chose ClickMeeting and how our platform helps him deliver his lessons.

Widen your reach with webinars

Ernst Grabovszki’s mission is to support people who want to learn German and who are dyslexic. To do this, he needed a tool that would give him the ability to organize different types of online classes. And that tool is ClickMeeting.

Hosting webinars brings many benefits. Not only does it allow you to have fully interactive classes and engage students, but – unlike traditional classroom learning – it also allows you to reach audiences around the world.

Webinars allow me to address an international audience and thus significantly expand the circle of potential customers.

Ernst Grabovszki

Moving your activities to a virtual space, therefore, allows you to change your perspective significantly. Instead of acting locally, it becomes possible to perform globally. This works perfectly in the case of Danzig & unfried:

The idea was born several years ago and is based on the idea of going beyond the local or regional framework.

Ernst Grabovszki

Pros of distance learning

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly accelerated the popularization of remote learning. During this period, a lot of public and private schools had to switch fully to e-learning. As a result, many people learned about the effectiveness of this method.

Of course, switching to remote education also requires using other techniques and tools. It is worth choosing platforms that not only guarantee access to interactive features, but additionally simplify the work of both teachers and students.

In my view, the difficulties are very manageable and lie primarily in the supraregional marketing of online events. The more experienced you are as a presenter and teacher, the less effort it will take to prepare a webinar. One of the biggest advantages, in my view, is the simplification of teaching and learning in that learners and the instructor don’t have to travel any distances and that online courses are easier to integrate into learners’ schedules.

Ernst Grabovszki

Student satisfaction is crucial

At the end of the day, what every teacher wants above all is for their students to learn the material without any problems and to feel comfortable in their virtual classroom. What do Ernst Grabovszki’s students think about this?

The feedback is very positive, although webinar participants have to be motivated more than in face-to-face classes to stick with it. Although the Corona crisis has made many people very familiar with online tools, it has also ensured a certain oversaturation. Nevertheless, I believe that webinar tools will continue to be important as a tool for imparting knowledge.

Ernst Grabovszki

We are happy to support the mission of Danzig & unfried and help in the learning process!

I recommend ClickMeeting because it has all the features I need for an entertaining, interactive webinar experience.

Ernst Grabovszki

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