Remote learning doesn’t just work for schools and universities with lessons and lectures. It also helps to acquire slightly less standard knowledge and skills. A great example of such a company is Goalkeeping Development, which creates software to support the growth of goalkeepers. So how does it use ClickMeeting, and what benefits does it provide? Find the answers in this article!

Technology in goalkeeping development

Seemingly, sports training has little to do with technology and remote education. After all, they are associated with physical exercises and stationary work. Nothing could be further from the truth. Athlete development is also taking advantage of new technological solutions, including elements of online learning. They make it possible to gain easy access to advanced materials and courses. This is exactly what Goalkeeping Development does.

Our mission is to develop the art of goalkeeping! Therefore we support goalkeeper coaches from amateur and junior sections to the first league with the highest quality and latest technology for their daily work and further education as goalkeeper coaches.

Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO

The organization develops a digital platform that provides extensive courses to develop goalkeeper training programs and coaching. In addition, Goalkeeping Development provides its customers with software that supports game documentation and analysis, among other things. As a result, goalkeepers at all levels of competition can become better at their craft every day!

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How does the company use ClickMeeting?

Of course, an innovative company like Goalkeeping Development uses remote communication in many aspects of its operations. ClickMeeting supports it in promotional activities and client outreach, and in carrying out day-to-day duties. Here are some of the activities that our platform supports:

  • Monday meeting with all employees
  • Live webinars, workshops or tutorials for clients
  • On-demand videos of recorded webinars for clients
  • International video calls with sales partners all over the world

Online product demonstration and marketing

Webinar marketing works in every market. It allows you to reach people interested in your company’s services and perform direct sales. At the same time, it supports lead generation and lead nurturing: customers gain access to extensive promotional and educational materials. So they can get to know the product well before making a purchase decision, and afterward they learn how to use it effectively and what possibilities it offers. As a result, they feel supported by the company and are much more willing to use its services.

The biggest advantage for us is that with the help of webinars, we can explain the functions of our software to our users or potential new customers in a simple and understandable way by providing a presentation and presenting our platform live through screen sharing.

 Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO


The primary audience for Goalkeeping Development’s webinars is software users and sales partners worldwide.

How does webinar marketing work? It is not complicated. Here is what Goalkeeping Development has achieved by organizing one free webinar:

One example: We organized a free webinar for Arabic-speaking countries about the functions of our Goalkeeping Software. We reached many people and gained more than 400 new potential clients for our Goalkeeping Software.

Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO

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Webinars: useful not only during a pandemic

Like many companies around the world, Goalkeeping Development was confronted with problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Direct meetings with audiences or partners, business events, and conferences became virtually impossible. As a result, most of these activities were moved to virtual reality:

We had planned a large presence workshop about Goalkeeping in Germany at the beginning of 2020. Then Corona came, and we couldn’t hold the event. As a result, we carried out the event online and, in this way, we’re able to offer the possibility to Goalkeeper Coaches worldwide.

Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO

Organizing webinars allow you to reach attendees with almost no limitations. However, of course, certain problems can arise. Choosing the right platform will enable you to deal with them and create events that appeal to your audience:

The greatest difficulty is to meet the growing needs of customers. One wants to be there live, the other just wants to see the recording of the event, and the third just wants to have the documents/downloads provided. ClickMeeting makes all this possible on just one platform. Outstanding!

 Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO


What features of the new communication method are most important to Goalkeeping Development?

  • It is easy and makes a professional impression to our clients and partners
  • It is nice to have a video of the participating people – that creates intimacy
  • It offers the possibility for worldwide networking and helps people to easily get in contact.

ClickMeeting’s professional customer service

Creating and running online events is easy. However, sometimes hosts need a little extra help. At ClickMeeting, we make sure that our customer support team is available whenever you need it and guarantees comprehensive advice and solutions to potential problems. This feature of our company is also highlighted by Goalkeeping Development:

Clickmeeting’s customer service is really great. At some of our events, several 100 people took part at very short notice. The personal service of Clickmeeting made it possible for us to get all participants under short notice.

Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO


The satisfaction of the audience is crucial

But it’s not just the satisfaction of the entrepreneur that counts. With ClickMeeting, you get access to a simple yet very functional platform. The most important thing is the satisfaction of current and potential customers. How do they evaluate the events organized by the company?

They all give us 5 stars in the assessment function 😊. I think they both like our content and the professional service functions of Clickmeeting!

Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO


We are glad to support Goalkeeping Development in so many types of activities. Many thanks for recommending our services!

If you would also like to test our platform’s possibilities, take advantage of our free trial period.

We recommend ClickMeeting! Because it’s really easy to use the platform. And the functions offered give you completely new ideas on how to provide your customers and partners with interesting content and assistance.

Ellen Rechner – Goalkeeping Development CEO

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