The Client:

Yondr Agency

The Goal for Using ClickMeeting webinar platform:

Informing potential clients about the benefits of VR technology and generating interest in the company’s services.


The benefits:

  • Effective communication: the information is provided to participants more effectively than in written form
  • Lead-nurturing content: webinar topics offer great value to potential customers and attract them to the company’s offer
  • Successful lead generation: the client scored real-time meetings with 11.2% of the people who registered for their webinar


About the Client

Yondr is a full-service immersive media agency based in Beveren (Belgium) and NYC. Their focus is virtual reality video production. They create VR and 360-degree videos as a solution for employer branding, marketing, sales enablement, learning & development and safety training.



About the mission

Yondr agency is on a mission to produce unique and exciting experiences live and then put them into a virtual reality experience. Niels Waem, Marketing & Events Manager, says:

Since VR is a new technology, people still see it as a solely gaming tool. But VR is far beyond gaming. We want to show people how to integrate VR within their companies as a new tool and a medium to become more sustainable.”

While they were searching for new and more effective ways to market their services and generate leads through inbound marketing, they came up with the idea of webinars. Marketing webinars are known to be great lead generation tools. They provide free and valuable information to the participants. They give those who may need to upgrade to a paid version of products or services more incentive to do so.

Why ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting makes creating a webinar easy, just as it should be. Niels Waem says:

It was crucial for us to have an all-in-one platform which we could brand from A to Z. Apart from that, we also wanted a platform which had the webinar recording options.

With ClickMeeting webinar platform, marketers can add their logo and brand colors to a webinar room, waiting room and email notifications for the total brand experience. Recording a webinar requires only one click in the webinar room. And after the recording is completed, it’s easy to trim it using the tool provided in the account panel.

Another crucial ClickMeeting feature yondr agency uses is a registration page that allows them to send automated emails to registered attendees to remind them of the webinar. It is also a perfect way to find out what their attendees need and attract their ideal audience. When you have potential leads registered for the event, you can ask for important demographic information that can be used to target them as leads later.

Audience feedback

Yondr agency delivers webinars on different subjects, from the benefits of immersive learning to experimenting with VR in companies’ training programs.

The type of the audience depends on the market we want to ‘attack,’ explains Niels Waem. When we’re talking about VR as a sales tool we’re more likely to target Business Developers or Sales teams. However, when we’re hosting a webinar about employer branding, our target will be people in HR.

Regardless of the audience, the reactions are always positive. Niels Waem says:

We have received some really great feedback. No matter what subject of the webinar is or what type of audience, the feedback is always positive: the sound, video, and screen sharing tools work great.


Audience satisfaction

Yondr agency notices two most important benefits from conducting webinars with ClickMeeting. First, webinars make it easy to reach existing clients and give them information faster than if it’s just written down. Second, webinars are a good way to share valuable, lead-nurturing content and attract potential customers.

All of the above encourages yondr agency to recommend ClickMeeting to other businesses with similar needs. Niels Waem says:

In fact, we have already set up webinars for other businesses via ClickMeeting as well. Your easy-to-use platform is a product we would highly recommend.

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