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Until recently, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that determined the growth of the online events market. Fortunately, we don’t choose them today because they are the only replacement for face-to-face meetings. We appreciate them because they are proven and highly functional tools that allow us to succeed in the digital world.

2022 in the online events industry was a year of experts: professionals representing various industries and companies – from self-employment to multinational corporations. They used webinars and video conferences for different purposes and in different ways.

What do they have in common, and what divides them? What separates leaders from average users? How much money can be made on paid events? These are some of the questions you’ll get answers to with the State of Online Events report.

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What will you learn from the report?

In the State of Online Events report, you’ll find answers to the most important questions about the shape of the online events market in 2022 and how users used ClickMeeting. Among other things, you will find out:

  • Which industries used webinars most often
  • What distinguishes the leaders of each industry
  • When and how the tool was used most often
  • How much money can be made on paid events
  • Whether a webinar is more popular than an e-book

So who is our report for? For any host who wants to make their events even more relevant to the needs and expectations of their audience. You may find State of Online Events of particular interest if you represent the education, training, healthcare, marketing, or events sector. We took a detailed look at how professionals in these branches use online events. And we paid even more attention to their leaders.

Want to learn more about the user who attracted 12 times more attendees than the average event organizer? Then, this report is for you.

Industries on the webinar market

Organizing online events is becoming an increasingly essential skill in the modern market. It’s easier to imagine the work of educators, freelance experts, or specialists employed by various companies with it: this is especially true for those in marketing and sales.

What industries do they represent? We looked at the events hosted in 2022 on the ClickMeeting platform. Among them, we distinguished the following categories:

  • Training and consulting 31%
  • Marketing and sales 24%
  • Business meetings 16%
  • Education 12%
  • Healthcare 12%
  • Other 5%

Key findings

In 2022, ClickMeeting users spent a total of 1,086,426 days, or 2,976 years, in virtual rooms.

The average event lasted 109 minutes, and the average user session lasted 74 minutes.

Most events were hosted on Tuesday, followed by Wednesday and Thursday. The most popular times of the day were the morning (8:00-10:00 am) and afternoon (3:00-5:00 pm).

The most frequently used ClickMeeting feature was the presentation – it was used at 56.72% of events. Second place went to screen sharing (16.65%), followed by the interactive whiteboard (6.05%).

The record holder generated an income of more than 95 thousand zlotys per single event. The total amount earned by the leader throughout the year is 158,380.83 EUR.

Download the free report
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