How to Use Online Meetings to Collaborate with Startups?

It’s time for the very first meeting. Then, conducting Product Design Workshops and agile work on the MVP. And at the end – a successful product demo! How to effectively collaborate with startups? What’s the way to guide them from a brilliant business idea to a prototype? And finally – how to run software projects saving time and money in the process? Let’s find out!


Businesses whom service startups can use online meetings to better collaborate with clients. Streamline workflow with a professional platform for scheduling, accepting, and running meetings online. We did a hypothetical business who uses online meetings to collaborate with startups. Here is how they use their online meeting tool to get things done.

Our IT company, specializing in software, targets startups. The model business (“Let’sGetStarted”), has a variety of ways they can help their customers. They use mobile and web applications because all their business is online. They help clients through their website, online meetings, and Product Design Workshops.

Their customers work remotely, and they do too. Their CEO, sales team, Proxy Product Owner, and Scrum Master are not centrally located. The company itself does not have a physical office.

So how do they bring together their team and customers?


Online Meetings: Connecting with Anyone, Anywhere

Online meetings are a convenient and easy way to work with people anywhere in the world. That is why Let’sGetStarted decided to use them to interact with their startup clients.

Here’s how:


  • Start with what you know all clients have access to.

Let’sGetStarted based their solution on what all customers have: an internet connection. Online meetings do not need extra tools (other than reliable WiFi). They are also inexpensive to use. Let’sGetStarted uses them to reach customers all over the globe.


  • Find a reliable way to deliver the product.

Let’sGetStarted needs a reliable way to create and deliver application software for customers. Online meetings make communication convenient and straightforward. They use online meeting tools to plan, describe, and execute their services.


  • Decrease expenses for clients.

Let’sGetStarted needs to provide communication solutions that are cheap and high quality.  They also wanted to save themselves time and money. Online meetings cut down expenses. Let’sGetStarted does not have to spend money on travel, flights, or accommodations now. They can use their savings in other ways that help clients.


How to Choose an Online Meeting Platform for Your IT Company

Here’s an example checklist Let’sGetStarted would use to find an online meeting solution:

  • High-quality audio-video technology. The quality of the tools they use reflects the quality of their business. Calls interrupted by sound or video errors are embarrassing. This is especially true for a technology company. Online meeting solutions that use WebRTC help with real-time communications. It’s the audio-video quality you’re looking for.
  • A seamless video conferencing room. Follow one of the industry’s most significant trends: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It is one of the easiest ways to put in place a professional video conferencing set-up. Allow your employees to use their phones, tablets, and computers to host meetings. They will still have secure access to company information and applications. This will also increase adoption rates for the new technology.
  • Presentation tool. Presentations need to be exciting and engaging. Features like slides and visual aids make a web-based meeting much more interesting.
  • File sharing. Digging through chaotic email chains to find attachments is terrible. Obstacles like this can damage the way customers view your business. Make sure to consider online meeting programs that have instant file sharing. Resources will be easier to search for and find.
  • Screen sharing (for product demos and app showcases). Screen sharing feature allows users to host powerpoints. It also helps show product functions and presents the final version to the client. This feature makes communication easy and clear.
  • Whiteboard (when live sketching a product road map). Whiteboards are another visual tool for enhancing any webinar experience. They are especially useful for sharing product roadmaps. Why describe the projected route when you can draw it live? You and your clients are now on the same page throughout the process.

You can use online meetings to help clients, like Let’sGetStarted, did. Keep these tips and features in mind when comparing tools.


Online meetings – let’s do awesome things together.

Building high level web and mobile apps for startups is a goldmine, but it can also be quite challenging. Great digital products start as a vague idea and require workshops to shape it. That’s where a software house comes in to build it from scratch, communicate with a startup client on the go, and deliver an MVP. To do that – online meetings and webinars are a must.

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