If we could use one word to describe our webinar with Owen Video, it would be: POWERFUL! Powerful not only because of the great content and Owen’s energy. We used that word because of your engagement during the webinar and the great feedback we received after! Thank you for joining us. Below we’ve gathered some highlights from this event, including our Q&A.


1. Importance of live video

This webinar was all about the live video and its role in business. That’s why we couldn’t think of anyone else than Owen Video to be our guest speaker. Owen is a video marketing rock star. He knows all the nooks and crannies of this marketing tool, and he teaches businesses how to leverage it. We wanted to give you an opportunity to learn some tips from the best.

There is also another reason this event was special. We’ve combined the power of webinar with live streaming on Facebook using our awesome feature. Why is this important, you may ask? Besides reaching the wider audience, which worked great for us, we wanted to show you how mixing channels increase your event effectiveness.

Watch the recording our webinar we streamed on our Facebook Page and find out why this feature is a must for your video marketing strategy!

With this event, we wanted you to get inspired with live video, so you can start benefiting from it on a regular basis. We all know that the more exposure you get, the better chance your business will grow.

What are the other benefits of using live streaming and webinars:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Boost your content visibility
  • Engage your social media network
  • Generate more leads


2. Q&A session – Your questions answered

As always, we’ve hosted a live Q&A with our guest. You’ve asked many important questions and we’ve selected the best here. We hope you will find them useful!

A. What’s the different between Facebook live streams and webinars? 

Webinars and live videos may offer you some different features, but basically, both should be considered synonymous. The webinar or live streaming on Facebook or YouTube, it doesn’t matter. You would see exactly the same content.

They both can be leveraged different ways, though. One scenario is using your YouTube or Facebook content to attract people to your product demo webinar. Social media streams enable you to reach your network, but they don’t have all the features to run an effective demo. That’s why you can combine them with webinars, to increase your effectiveness.

If you don’t have a big contact list, don’t be discouraged. Start with going live, publicly. More often. No registration. No opt-in. Get your audience addicted to you and then take it away. Do that for 3-4 months. After this time, start hosting live events with enabled registration. That way, in order to watch your webinars, interested people will have to leave their emails.

B. What’s the best time to go live?

The best time to go live is simply the time when you’re able to. You can find a lot of information on when people are the most engaged online. Those numbers shouldn’t be your concern, though. What you should be focusing on instead, is trying to go live frequently. Start with weekly events and engage the people that are out there.

Attendance rates are not the case for you. Don’t get discouraged if you won’t gather 500 attendees. If you can engage 5, 10 or 20 qualified people during your webinar, you’re way ahead of the game already!

C. I’m not on Facebook and actually I’m not inclined to do it. Do you think I miss much?

Facebook may not be your thing, but it’s definitely a place where your customers spend much time. They want to hear from you. If you’re not communicating with them, your competitors will definitely do that for you.

Being on Facebook is not about you. It’s about your business and your customers. You don’t have to be an active user of every group from your industry. You need to have a general presence, though, so your customers and prospects know you’re still there, taking care of them.

D. How to engage our followers better?

Start with going live on the same day, at the same time, every single week. Whether it will be a 10 minutes or 60 minutes stream, make sure it’s the same length each week. You’re conditioning your audience. You want to get to the place, where your audience knows you your style.

With your weekly live show, you’re building your personal brand. You’re also building relationships that result in gaining a loyal and engaged network.


Thank you for joining this event and for your amazing feedback, appreciate it. If you want to watch or relive our webinar with Owen Video, check it on our YouTube channel today!

There are more fantastic events to come very soon! Stay tuned, follow our blog and social media. And if you have any webinar topic ideas, feel free share them with us. Maybe we’ll cover it during our upcoming event.

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