Custom Webinar Solution: When the Boxed Product Is Not Enough

Learn what your webinar solution provider has to offer when you’re looking for a custom, scalable product to meet your individual requirements.

You’ve heard that webinars are an awesome tool to reach out to your audience, win new clients and use in your internal communication. You’d like to incorporate webinars into your business strategy. Based on what you have learnt, though, it seems available platforms have many limitations and don’t offer features that meet the needs of a corporate client like you. You‘d rather get a custom solution but you don’t think it’s possible to have one. Well, believe us, it IS possible!


How much can I scale and customize?

Some webinar solution providers have predicted that you think big about your webinars, so they offer custom, scalable platforms to meet their corporate clients’ individual requirements.


Lets’ have a look at selected features you can get in a good enterprise webinar plan.

  • Own branding. You surely want to build your brand awareness in every channel you use. Some webinar platforms let you add your logo and brand colours to all user-facing elements. In this way, you ensure your brand consistency and convince your audience you are a professional webinar organizer.
  • Extra attendees and presenters. With a large audience, you may need much more than a basic plan offers as regards the number of webinar attendees. Good platforms enable you to host webinars for as many as 5,000 people.


And what if you plan an event with several guest experts? Custom platforms enable you to add up to 7 extra presenter seats, depending on how many you need to make your webinar a success.

  • Multiuser access or subaccounts. Many corporate clients want several departments or teams to have access to the platform and to enable each user to log in independently. But how can you stay in control of your company account while letting employees use the platform? You can choose multiuser access or buy subaccounts – the features good providers offer.
  • Extra recording and file storage. Standard storage capacity might not be enough if you run many webinars and you record them for those who could not attend. Similarly, you will need extra storage space if you use large files in your presentations. Make sure your provider has included that in your enterprise plan.
  • Parallel sessions. You might sometimes want to host two webinars simultaneously. Let’s say one is run by your marketing team, the other – by the sales. What do you do to make it possible? Choose a platform that offers a parallel session feature.
  • Multiple cameras. Some enterprise solutions let you stream your webinars in HD quality and use several different cameras at the same time. That’s an awesome feature if you are hosting a big live event for a large audience.
  • Wholesale buying. Many corporate clients can’t be bothered to pay separately for every extra feature they have selected. Are you one of them? Don’t worry! Good enterprise-level platforms enable you to choose any feature you need and pay in a single transaction.


What else can I do with a scalable platform?

Would you like your platform to look as if it were developed by you, not a third-party provider? You can customize some of the webinar platforms to use under your own brand. You can even get your own URL and a mobile app to allow accessing your webinars on any device.

You can also sell a webinar platform to your own clients even if you don’t have resources or know-how to develop it. You simply buy a branding-free option and sell it under your own label. In this way, you provide your clients with a reliable product that can be tailored to their requirements and you offer them plans that suit them best.


Do I get any support or training?

Sure! With a good enterprise-level platform you get your own account manager who helps you set your account, plan and manage your webinars. In addition, many providers offer professional training, which is helpful especially if you are taking your first steps in the webinar world.



As you can see, a good webinar platform doesn’t have to stop on a boxed product. Hopefully after reading this blog post, you are aware of what to look for when choosing an enterprise-level webinar platform. Actually you don’t have to look too far, check out our enterprise offer.

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