Twenty times per hour – that’s how often Dave had to hit his punching bag to blow off steam. Why? As a proficient online trainer, he had reached the level of 300 attendees per webinar. His expertise was top-notch, but he needed the same from his webinar tool. The one he chose was fine…until he called for support. Because that meant – talking to bots. Soon, Dave realized that he needed to change his platform before his head exploded.


Chatbots, chatbots everywhere

Let’s take a step back. Dave’s a digital native, so he knew that AI and chatbots are a part of the online business landscape. So, he accepted that the webinar platform he picked provided their customer support using chatbots.

He didn’t rush at first. He started off with small webinars, for 20-25 attendees. But, the content he delivered turned out to be valuable, and the word spread fast. His audience grew to 50 during the first few weeks and tripled over the next 3 months. He couldn’t have dreamt of better feedback on his know-how, but the stress popped up for a different reason.


Houston, we have a problem

The honeymoon was over. As his audience expanded, he had to use more and more features to deliver the best performance. He needed to use different integrations, and he needed help. He took a few shots at contacting the support bot. Not only was the response time problematic, but the answers he got were meaningless, and left him on his own.

Dave missed the human touch, a real person on the other side of the chat mode.

His live webinars with bigger audiences became more demanding. Dave didn’t feel secure enough with his tool and the scale of technical aspects he had to coordinate. He was looking for assistance but contacting the chatbot support had driven him crazy. He felt he could as well talk to his fridge and microwave and ask them for help.

Just before his most important webinar, where he gathered over 300 people, something went terribly wrong. He desperately needed help. Immediately. As before, the only feedback he got was automatic, drained from emotion formulas, totally irrelevant to his problem. Dave felt like screaming. He’d had enough.


Human support on the spot

Can you relate to Dave? Because we can. And that’s why ClickMeeting’s human, friendly Customer Success Team is our heart and soul. Our account managers and advisors have set the standard for customer support.

Suggesting the best solution to your pain point? Solving technical issues that might interrupt your webinar? You name it; they can help! They can also help you to:

They give you a helping hand before, during, and after your online event.


Get ready for 5-star support

How do we know it works? These numbers tell the story:

  • 95% of customers are happy with our support, which beats the global benchmark by nearly 10%.
  • 10,863 – that’s the total of ratings our customers have given us on LiveChat during the last 12 months.
  • 30 seconds– that’s our average response time, which means you get our support right on the spot!


Time to secure your online events

The vaguely good web tool is no longer good enough. Just like our friend Dave, you need:

  • A flawless, agile software solution you can rely on, and
  • A dedicated, efficient, and friendly support team that will deliver high-quality assistance at every stage of your webinar, online meeting, or video conference activity. In a human way.

Don’t let technical problems and worthless chatbots stand in the way of sharing your knowledge.

Try ClickMeeting today! Watch your online business grow with the help of our Customer Success Team.

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