You’ve probably heard it a lot. Probably even from us. But, we want to make sure you’ve gotten our message, and you’re leveraging it for your business! What are we talking about? The power of live video in today’s marketing strategies.

Video has become an extremely powerful marketing communication tool. No other format can compete with its effectiveness in reaching the target audience. Are you leveraging all the opportunities that come from it for your business? Maybe you’re using video already, but you’d like to know more about making it drive sales?

Now, imagine you can combine live videos and webinars for your business. Sounds awesome, right? Keep reading! To help you with that and answer all your questions, we’ve decided to host a live webinar! This time, we’ve invited the Video Marketing Superstar, Owen Video!



Join us on December 6, 12:00 EST and discover:

  • the massive power of live video sales presentations,
  • how to repurpose your webinars into YouTube videos,
  • how to record your consulting sessions to sell in a future course, and
  • how high-level streaming can streamline your efforts and multiply your sales.

This webinar will be special, because it will also be live-streamed on our Facebook Page, so you can watch it while scrolling your Facebook feed!


Save your spot now! and learn how to make live video and webinars work for you!

Posted by Oskar Jaśniewski

Oskar is the Outreach Specialist at ClickMeeting.

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