Video has recently become an extremely powerful marketing communication tool. No other format can compete with it in terms of clarity, credibility and effectiveness in reaching the target audience. From this article you will learn about the importance of video marketing, why use video marketing as part of your marketing strategy and why webinars can be a great tool to support your video marketing .


Tl;dr – Too long, didn’t read

Marketing clutter has probably never been as overwhelming as it is today. Consumers still want to learn about products and services to make informed purchase decisions. However, as marketers bombard them with promotional messages in every channel, they prefer communication formats that are easily digestible, clear and don’t take much time and effort to understand.

Most users can’t be bothered to read lengthy pieces of text on your website, in your e-commerce store or even on your blog. Tl;dr – too long, didn’t read, they say and leave, looking for simpler ways of getting information. Such as video that perfectly addresses their needs.


Why video marketing?

You may call it a hackneyed phrase indeed but let me say it once again: A picture is worth a thousand words. Whoever coined it, had a static image in mind. Now imagine how huge an impact a dynamic image has when compared to a plain text.

The advantages of video over other forms of marketing communication are endless. Let’s take a look at just a few:

  • It is much easier to press the play button and watch a short film than scroll a piece of text. Mobile users particularly appreciate video and value it over articles that seem to never end.
  • A video message is easily digestible as it addresses our primary sense – sight. If you want people to understand and remember something, show it to them instead of making them read about it.
  • It lets you establish a strong relation with your audience. Video features people talking and smiling at you. A bond that is created as a result is tangible and personal and cannot be compared to the one you can (or in fact cannot) develop with an invisible author of a text.
  • Video triggers emotions and people are always ready to share content that taps into their emotions.
  • Video is more engaging than plain text. If there are interesting video resources on your site, users will stay longer to watch it. For Google, sites people spend much time on are the ones with good content. As a result, your website’s ranking on search engines improves.
  • Video increases your ROI. According to a report by Wyzowl, 76% of businesses claim that as a result of including video in their marketing strategy their ROI improved.
  • Video resources boost your conversion. From the same report you will learn that after consumers saw a product video 74% of them decided to buy the product. Imagine how convincing it must have been!


How to do video marketing with webinars?

When working on your video marketing strategy, don’t forget to include webinars. You can take advantage of them in a variety of ways and use them to:

  • Present your product. According to a research conducted by Animoto, four times as many customers prefer to watch a video about a product than read its description. So if you e.g. own an online store, don’t underestimate this way of showcasing your products.
  • Show your audience how your solution works. If you want to teach them new features or share handy tips and tricks invite them to a webinar. They will appreciate the fact that they can see a live demo, ask questions and get answers at once.
  • Live stream events your company organizes or takes part in. According to Content Marketing Institute, only 10% of marketers use livestreaming as part of their marketing activities. So plan your first livestreaming webinar to get a unique opportunity to beat your competition.
  • Record your webinars and use it as part of your content marketing strategy. Put them on your website, blog or landing page and share them in your social media channels to reach out to new prospects, especially the ones who didn’t take part in your live webinars. You can also start your own YouTube channel to share recorded webinars and win new followers among 1 billion YouTube users worldwide.
  • Present your business to prospects and potential investors. If you own a startup run an elevator pitch webinar for people who may be willing to help you fund your project. It’s a great chance of meeting them live and pitching your idea.
  • Reach out to the best people in the job market and present your company as a great place to work. There are numerous ways you can use webinars to build and improve your employer brand.



If you want to ensure that your message reaches your audience despite marketing clutter don’t underestimate the power of video marketing. If you want to benefit from video by presenting your product or business in a more engaging way and meet your audience in real time, use webinars. Check out how ClickMeeting can help you create your first video marketing webinar.

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