There is no doubt about it, webinars are an amazing marketing tool to build authority and increase sales. Usually, webinars are more effective at converting customer interest into sales than using email mailing lists. Despite this being the case, it is still a challenge to create and present webinars that convert well and boost your sales.

Webinars that convert well are always the kind that provides a great user experience for the attendees. Webinars with high conversion rates focus on high-quality content that provides value for the audience. Therefore, to increase your webinar conversions, expert presenters always avoid focusing on the “hard sell.”

How can you increase conversions in your webinar to present value to your audience and strengthen authority in your industry? Remember that a buying audience has to be an engaged one during the webinar. Here are 5 ways to engage your audience and boost conversion rates in your webinar.


1. Educate your audience

A webinar that focuses on educating the audience always converts well. This is because your registrants attend the webinar to learn something new. Very often, many “switch off” and become disengaged in the webinar if they feel that products are getting pushed on them. Of course, you can have a sales pitch at the end of a webinar. However, you should spend time educating your audience on how your product can help them. Your audience will be prepared to spend their money if they know that your product or service will save them time and money, increase their sales, be more effective at their jobs, and be more productive.

When your audience feels that they have received something of value from you, they will be more willing the reciprocate by buying your product.


2. Talk to real people

Don’t fall into the trap of just reading from your script and looking at your screen. Your audience will notice this and they will become distracted and start checking their email or looking on Facebook. In addition, they will sense that you aren’t interested in them and they will have no motivation to buy your product at the end.

When presenting your webinar try to visualize the audience in your room with you. Make sure and smile and gesture when you are speaking because this will affect the tone of your voice and confidence. For your notes, it’s also important to use just bulleted points to remind you of key ideas. The more you have written out, the more difficult it will be to talk “off the cuff” and be genuinely interested in your audience.


3. Engage your audience

You must engage with your audience throughout your webinar to increase conversions. If they are involved in the presentation and see it as something of value to them, they will be more invested in your solutions.


Here are few key ways to engage your audience to boost conversions in your webinar:

  • Create high-quality content that is unique and contains many visual elements.
  • Interact with your audience throughout your presentation.
  • Use polls and surveys to engage with your audience.
  • Ask questions frequently.


Having your audience fully engaged in your presentation will not only lead to more conversions, it will create a fantastic user experience. This will also ensure that you have a larger audience for your next webinar.


4. Create a sense of urgency

One of the best and most effective ways to increase conversions in your webinar is to create a sense of urgency. Researchers have found that a sense of urgency and limited availability activates a part of the brain, which is responsible for decision-making. You can create a sense of urgency to increase sales at the end of the webinar by offering a bonus or a price reduction if the attendee buys the product while the webinar is live. A reduced offer could be extended to 24-hours after the webinar. This allows customers to make a decision without feeling pressured.

You could also limit the number of participants who can receive the special offer. For example, you could limit to the first 50 or so buyers and have a countdown on the sales page to show how many special offer places are left. Remember to make sure that the buying process is as simple as possible for users. You don’t want to get a customer to the sales page and frustrate them so that they give up trying to buy.


5. Follow up after the webinar

After any webinar, it is important to follow up with an email thanking the participants for taking part in a successful event. You can also use this follow-up email to increase your webinar’s conversions. The email should provide information on where the recording can be viewed and you could also send a free handout with the main points of the webinar.

You can also offer one last chance to buy the product at a reduced rate. People live busy lives and it is easy to forget about that amazing special offer in your webinar. Therefore, sending out a follow-up email after the webinar could be just the incentive that someone needs to convert.

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