5 Ways to Persuade Potential Buyers in a Sales Webinar

Webinars are one of the best marketing tools to engage with your audience and if done properly, the power of webinars can be leveraged to boost sales in your marketing efforts. But, closing the sale isn’t always as easy as it seems. Therefore, you should look at ways to persuade potential buyers in a sales webinar.

Identifying ways to persuade potential buyers in your sales webinar is necessary if you want to get the best out of your efforts. After all, there are probably many other marketers who are selling similar products.

Before we look at the best ways to persuade potential buyers, it is good to remember that webinars aren’t usually effective if you push products too much and use an overly promotional design. People like to be educated, learn something new, and be entertained. So, try to incorporate those elements into your presentation.

What are the top 5 ways to persuade potential buyers in a sales webinar?


1. Aim for 100% Transparency

People never like to feel that they are being tricked; therefore the first way to persuade them to buy something is to be completely up-front about your product. This means not having hidden costs on your product or service and keeping prices competitive.

Be honest and transparent about what customers can expect from your product. It can be tempting to come up with slogans and catchy lines which can be misleading. For example, “get rich overnight,” or “this product will make you a sales machineî or ìnever ìblankî again.î

You can instead, guarantee certain aspects of your product or your service. The goal is not to raise customer’s expectations more than necessary and to be realistic and truthful about the productís or serviceís abilities.

This will help you to avoid the “one-time customer” and you will build trusting relationships with your audience.


2. Go the Extra Mile

The opposite of raising your customer’s expectations too high is to provide them with something of value that they weren’t expecting. If you can give your customers a bonus that they weren’t expecting, then this can help make the sale. The bonus could be used as an incentive to buy the product, or it could be given after the sale.

Depending on your niche, you could give some free samples of other products, exclusive access to restricted areas of your website, or an extra add-on which is useful for the buyer.

These types of bonuses and extras go a long way to persuading the potential buyer to buy from you for the first time and come back to buy your products again.


3. Learn the Art of Persuasion

There are many ways that you can persuade people about the benefits of a certain product. The good news is that you don’t have to use ‘hard-sell’ tactics.

The first way to persuade people is to get them interested in your product. The fact that they have already signed up for your webinar already shows a level of interest. To interest your audience even more in your product you need to show them the potential benefits they will get in one or more of these three key areas of life:

  • Better health
  • More money
  • Fulfilled relationships

So, keep the presentation focused on one of those three point and not on yourself.


4. Repetition

Repetition is the fourth way to persuade potential buyers in a sales webinar. There is a saying that is something is repeated enough, and then people will start to believe it. Of course, your goal isn’t to mislead your audience. But the saying emphasizes the power or repetition.

The human mind is programmed to filter out speech or text that is monotonous. However, when a specific point is repeated the mind takes note of this. Of course, repeating your message doesn’t just mean saying one phrase over and over again. You should paraphrase your key points, say the words in a different order, or recap your main ideas.


5. Make Items Scarce

Another selling strategy that you can use to persuade potential buyers is to emphasize scarcity. This can help potential buyers to purchase an item sooner because if not they may fear that they miss out. So you could say that the first X amount of products can be bought for a special lower price. Or it could be access to a product training course for a limited time. Whatever technique you choose, you should try to help the potential buyer to

The upsell is a great way to persuade buyers to buy more than one product or service from you. If you want to be convinced of how effective this is all you have to do is look at Amazon. They always show relevant items that you can buy along with the main product. The great thing about this type of selling it that, if it is done properly, your audience will view this as something of value rather than a hard sell.

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