In our digital age, videoconferencing is an essential tool, but no one wants hours on end of unproductive meetings. Transform your online meetings into productive power sessions with these insider tips. Dive in and make every second count!

1. Prepare Like a Pro

Before you even hit “join”, be clear about the meeting’s objectives. What’s the goal? What information needs to be on the table? Get input on agenda topics from participants. This ensures everyone’s on the same page and ready to engage from the start.

2. Master the Clock

Time is of the essence. Create an agenda and allocate time for each topic. While some discussions may require a little wiggle room, being mindful of the clock signals your respect for everyone’s time. Consider building in “flex moments” for spontaneous discussions.

3. Cultivate Meeting Etiquette

If meetings always run over, attendees might assume tardiness is okay. Set an end time and adhere to it. This instills punctuality and helps keep the focus razor-sharp.

4. Foster Constructive Conversations

Diverse opinions spark innovation. However, steer away from long-winded arguments. Instead, provide a platform where everyone can succinctly state their views, allowing the collective group to draw their conclusions.

5. Engage Everyone

A meeting is a team sport! Encourage all voices to be heard. If someone’s speaking is interrupted, ensure they get a chance to finish. This not only promotes fairness but also enriches the conversation.

6. Celebrate All Ideas

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere in the hierarchy. So, whether it’s from a seasoned executive or a fresh intern, be open to exploring every idea. It’s about the quality of the idea, not the title of the person sharing it.

7. Visualize a Productive Future

Keep track of commitments made during the meeting. Conclude by summarizing action points, responsibilities, and time frames. A successful meeting doesn’t just end when the call does; it paves the way for actionable steps.

Final Thought

Every attendee should walk away from a meeting feeling it was time well spent, with tangible takeaways that push the organization forward. Strive for this balance in every virtual meet-up, and you’re set for success!

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing video conferencing tips with us, will definitely come in handy.


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