The prevalence of video capabilities through the use of various computer devices, such as, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones has steered the way for the increasing use of videoconferencing in business for many uses and purposes. More and more businesses find it easier and more time prudent to meet over video, which eliminates the need to travel and can bring people located around the world together quickly and easily.

As a result, it is quite common these days for those seeking employment to possibly be interviewed over video instead of the traditional face to face job interview.

From webinars to job interviews to group meetings with clients around the world, videoconferencing is here to stay, so, we need to keep up with the latest trends and see communication over video as an art form that needs to be mastered.

Some people may think that video interviews are the same as those that take place in person, but there are special considerations that need to be addressed when meeting though a camera, and so here are 7 tips to ensure that you are well prepared and can ace your next job interview should in happen to take place over video.

1. Prepare And Test All Equipment

audienceMost videoconferences require an Internet connection, a computer, a webcam and a microphone. There might be other requirements as per the individual needs of the employer doing the interview. If there is a certain platform that needs to be used in the session you should familiarize yourself with how it works completely well in advance of the interview. This includes, how to install it, run it, how to login, and how to use the video and audio settings.

Make sure that all your equipment works correctly and is in place. Test all needed equipment well in advance of the interview. Check the audio and video three times to be absolutely sure there will not be any glitches.

It’s also a good idea to have a contingency plan for any equipment that might fail. For example, have a back-up microphone in case the one you have fails for any reason, they are relatively cheap and a great insurance policy to have.

2. Test Equipment Position

blogpostmacMake sure that all the equipment is positioned correctly, including your seating, microphone and webcam.

Lighting is also important to consider because the environment may look different on camera than it does live. Bright light can hinder on screen video view, so, make sure and close any drapes in the room, and also turn off any bright lamps that may cause the camera to overcompensate.

3. Practice

Practice a mock session. Sit in front of the camera, set up the audio and video and speak into it. It’s a good idea to do a practice session with a friend or relative so you can get comfortable with talking with someone over a screen instead of live and face to face.
In reality, video interviews can be intimidating and different than live interviews in someone’s office. It’s important to get a feeling for it, and practice sitting still, eye contact into the camera and a normal speaking voice, as some people do have a tendency to shout over a microphone because they feel the other person can’t hear them.

4. Dress For Success

handThere is absolutely nothing casual about doing a job interview over video, as opposed to, one that takes place in a live session. The attire should be formal as it would be in a face to face interview. This includes, jackets and ties for men and business attire for the ladies.
Other important considerations include, manicures for ladies and proper grooming for men, don’t think for a minute that small details such as those cannot be noticed on camera.
Also, it’s advisable to not wear loud accessories, ladies this means bangles that clang when you move are a not a good idea.

5. Eye Contact

It’s important to maintain eye contact and focus on the interviewer at all times. Some people are prone to distractions over video, but it’s of utmost importance to always focus on the interviewer and speak to them. This is one of the reasons that the camera angle is so important.

Fidgeting, moving around too much, crossing and uncrossing the legs are distractions, can make you seem too nervous and look worse on screen than in real life because such movements can tend to look over exaggerated through a camera lens.

promote6. Get Rid Of Distractions

Should you be interviewing from home it’s very important to make sure that family, kids or pets do not disturb the interview. Make sure to close the office door, turn off the phone ringer, let the whole family know that you are not to be disturbed. It would be awfully unprofessional to have kids burst into the room when you are interviewing, or to hear dogs barking in the background.

7. Be Confident

Exuding confidence is important no matter how or where the interview takes place, so make sure to muster all the confidence you have. People find confidence attractive in all aspects of life, and this includes interviewing perspective employees.

Being on camera can shake some of that confidence, therefore, it’s even more important to practice before the interview and get used to sitting with and speaking over a camera so you can be your confident self and ace that job!

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