Webinars are virtual meetings that connect people from anywhere in the world and while they are used for a variety of purposes, they are very effective to increase company sales in any industry. Let’s take a look at how a virtual meeting can yield lots of sales.


Webinars Attract a Targeted Audience to Pitch

One of the most important elements in sales is having a targeted audience and primed leads who are most interested in the products you have to sell. Webinars achieve this because registration to attend the webinar online is required, and they have to actually join in. This is ideal because only those that have great interest will take the time.


Bring the Company to Perspective Customers

Instead of waiting for customers to come to the company, webinars bring the company to potential customers. They offer a unique ability to develop a brand, make the company stand out and provide a comprehensive level of communication with leads.


Solve Problems, Make Sales

All potential customers have a problem, and attending a webinar shows that they are looking to solve this problem, and of course, the product is the solution. Webinars provide the ideal arena to create a pitch from this standpoint. Various webinar features such as slides, images, videos, desktop sharing and others provide a plethora of ways to highlight the solution and turn leads into buyers.


The Power of Demonstrations

One of the most effective ways to use webinars in sales is to demonstrate how a product works. Remember the audience is geared for a solution, they need one, and they are looking to you to provide one.

In a webinar setting you have the unique opportunity to show a product live in action, wether it is a software demonstration, or a video demonstration of the product at work, in a webinar you can show versus tell people how the product works, how its effective, what it does, what it doesn’t do etc.


Good Time Management

Another way that webinars are very effective for sales is they yield good time management. They allow you to pitch to a group of people, as large as you like, and are much more time efficient than doing individual one on one sales.

This benefit can increase sales on a large scale, since you are pitching to a larger audience, instead of one or two at a time, and they are especially useful when you consider that prospects can be from anywhere in the world, eliminating a lot of travel time.


Trust Increases Sales

Persuasion is an art, and is an integral element of any sales efforts, and a large part of persuasion is creating a trust between the salesman and the product they are selling. Trust can simply be in the form of the customer thinking: ‘I really need this product,’ ‘They sure know what they’re doing, ‘Wow this can really work,’ or ‘This is really useful.’ It is this type of thought process that brings them close, seals the deal and gets you a sale. It is the end game for any sales effort.

Webinars allow you to illustrate competence and expertise. Most important, they provide an arena that will show them why they need the product, and convey the pitch in a human voice and with hands on visuals, all of which yields trust. Imagine a cold sales page versus a webinar that is live, interactive and visual.



Negotiation is another important part of the sales process. When a lead says “no” to your pitch for whatever reason, this is not the end of the sale, it can be a glowing opportunity. “No” is not always a full dismissal, it can be an illustration of what is really important to the customer. Common objections can be used to pinpoint what motivates buyers and therefore turned into a selling point.

Webinars are useful in this area because they can be very effective in turning an objection into a selling point before potential customers can even raise the objection or think of it. This is accomplished with detailed preparation by projecting any and all possible objections that can occur to the audience in question and making sure to have the answers.


Webinar Replays Pull In More Leads

The recordings of webinars placed on the company website can pull in more leads and lead to more sales on an on-going basis. Properly search engine optimized pages with webinar recordings can bring a hungry and targeted drove of new leads from the search engines.



Webinars Build Relationships

From the original sales pitch, to follow-ups, and post-sale training, webinars offer the unique opportunity to build relationships with customers, beyond the original sale.

Follow-up can be as important as the original pitch, and if the product is one where customers can benefit from on-going training or related training or information, webinars can secure the favor of existing customers and bring more sales for future products.


Training of Sales Employees

Another way to increase sales with webinars is to use them to train sales staff. This streamlined method can allow the training of employees across the globe, which saves travel time and money. It also allows managers to build relationships with their staff, and to convey the same information across large companies. Recordings of training webinars can be saved and used over and over for new sales team members and can be accessed by existing members as needed.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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  1. Steven Jefferson August 10, 2017 at 12:20 am

    Great information, I’m in the process of creating a webinar business in a very competitive market, but this blog post gave me a lot of great tips.


    1. I’m glad to hear that, Steven 🙂


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