Being a corporate player, have you ever wondered if a webinar platform can bring you any advantages? Well, the good news is it can. Many webinar solutions offer customizable functions and features that live up to the expectations of a large company like yours. And you will reap true benefits from such a platform if you know what you can use it for.

Here are 4 examples of how a webinar platform can help you reach your audience, communicate your message and give a boost to your brand image.


1. Host an online event for prospects

You have just got back from a trade fair. You met a number of prospects there. You have already added the new contacts to your CRM. Now it’s time to convert them into leads. Do you know how a webinar solution can help you do that? You can invite your prospects to an online event at which you will show them the advantages of the product you presented at the fair and convince them it is a perfect solution for them.

Many enterprise level webinar platforms enable integration with your CRM so you need a single click to send your invitations. They also make it possible for you to add your company logo and brand colours or even get a custom URL. All this makes your online meeting look so much more professional.


2. Invite customers to a webinar with a renowned expert

You are lucky to cooperate with a great expert, well-known in your industry. You would like to make it possible for your customers to benefit from knowledge this person is eager to share. How can you do that? Invite the guru to co-host a webinar with you. You don’t have to literally bring him or her to your office and greet your audience sitting together in front of a single webcam. Many webinar solutions will let you run a webinar hosted by more than one presenter. Your needs as regards the number of users will also be catered for, as you will surely want to invite as many of your customers as possible.


3. Live streaming from a big event

Great news! Your CEO has been invited to host a panel discussion at a big industry event. You would like your customers, partners or even team members to see her on stage. Big event organizers usually provide live streaming but with a dedicated webinar platform you will not have to rely on their solutions. With an enterprise level webinar platform you will be able to stream your webinar in HD quality and even use several different cameras simultaneously.


4. Internal trainings for employees

A new feature has been implemented to one of your internal systems. You have to teach members of your team, working in several branches scattered across the country, how to use it. If you think inviting them all to the headquarters for a daily training will be the best solution – think again. Why not save time and money and invite them all to a webinar instead? Webinar platforms are cloud-based so you can be 100% sure everyone will be able to join, no matter where they are located. Many providers offer mobile apps so that users can attend your webinar on any device. You can also record your training for those who could not make it this time.


These are only 4 examples of how you can make use of a customizable webinar platform if you are a large company that wants to communicate their message online to a wide audience, time and cost-effectively.

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