You have just made research on the advantages of using webinar platforms. You are convinced your company can benefit from it in many ways. It’s your boss who is to make the final decision, though. Your task now is to convince them that getting a webinar platform is an idea worth considering. From this article, you will learn what steps to take to clear your boss’s doubts and win their total approval.


1. Discuss benefits a webinar platform can offer to your business

The advantages webinar platforms offer to businesses of any size are undisputable. When discussing it with your boss, don’t forget to mention that a company that uses a webinar platform can:

  • reach out to a wide target audience, even if its members live a long distance away,
  • generate leads and win new clients,
  • build the brand and develop an expert’s image,
  • improve its rank in search engines thanks to having valuable content on the website,
  • boost its image by using state-of-the-art tech solutions.


2. Present types of webinars your company can run

Gather a couple of good examples of how webinars can be used. When talking to your boss, draw their attention to the following types of webinars:

  • Company presentation – a webinar is a perfect tool to pitch your business. Your boss will definitely be willing to learn more about it, especially if they own a start-up.
  • Product presentation – during an interactive product demo participants can ask questions and immediately get answers. It is much more engaging than a text description or a static image. Don’t forget to mention that according to research four times as many customers prefer to watch a video about a product than read its description.
  • Meeting an expert – with webinars, you can share your professional knowledge and boost your expert’s image.
  • Employer branding presentation – in many industries, employers bring out the big guns to hire the best people. With webinars, you can engage your prospective employees right from the start, letting them meet your staff live and experience the atmosphere of your company.
  • Live streaming – a webinar from an event your company takes part in is a great opportunity to attract new prospects. If you take into account the fact that only 10% of marketers use live streaming as part of their marketing activities you have a unique chance of getting ahead of your competition.


3. Present options to choose from

Platform providers usually offer ready-to-use solutions with a set of default features and a predefined maximum number of attendees you can invite to a webinar. However, many of them are also aware of the fact that corporate clients may need more than a boxed product. When preparing the presentation for your boss, make sure you include both the solutions you can use right away and the ones that can be tailored to your company’s requirements . Discuss pros and cons of each solution and benefits for your business.


4. Convince your boss implementing a webinar platform is not a rocket science

Your boss doesn’t have to know the technical aspects of a webinar platform. Most platforms don’t need much as regards hardware and software. But make sure you have all the necessary information about technical requirements at hand in case your boss wants to know anything about security issues or firewall configuration necessary to be able to use the platform. Convince them it is not a challenge that engages half of your team, takes hours to be ready to work and causes technical problems.

Be prepared they may want to know who is going to be responsible for the platform and how the person in charge is going to fit the new role into their daily routine and everyday tasks.


5. Run a free trial and invite your boss to a webinar

Many providers offer a free trial that lets you check the features their webinar platform offers. If your boss is reluctant to spend money on a solution they haven’t had an opportunity to test, start a free trial, create a short, 20-minute-long webinar on a topic your boss will definitely be interested in and encourage them to participate. It can be an online event with “real” attendees or an internal one for your colleagues, just to show the boss what webinars are all about.


6. Predict difficult questions

You probably know your boss very well. You can predict what questions they may ask in regard to the webinar platform. Some of them may be difficult to answer if you don’t prepare well. The boss may want to know when the investment will pay off or how many new clients you can acquire with webinars. Make sure you have answers ready. Prepare solid estimates and strong arguments to clear your boss’s doubts.



A webinar platform can bring numerous benefits to your business. If you are absolutely convinced about that – and no wonder you are! – getting your boss’s approval should not be a problem. Prepare well for the meeting, bring good examples, present how webinars work and give your boss enough time to think things over.

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