You have heard about all the benefits from hosting a webinar, and you agree that a webinar will do much to build your business brand and generate more leads. However, for some reason, you just can’t get round to launching your first webinar.


What are the major obstacles that can stop you from launching your first webinar and how can you combat those obstacles?

First of all, if you have been thinking for a long time about hosting a webinar but haven’t got round to launching your first one, don’t worry because there are many marketers who are in exactly the same situation. One poll reported that 90% of marketers said that they planned on launching their first webinar to generate new business. However, the poll also showed that only around 60% of those marketers actually organized a webinar.


What are the main obstacles which tend to stop marketers from launching their first webinar?

Here are the top 5 obstacles:

  • Perceived lack of content
  • Perceived lack of target audience
  • Perceived high competition
  • Worrying about a low attendance rate
  • Fear of the unknown

Let’s see how to overcome each of these obstacles so that you have the confidence to launch your first webinar.


Obstacle 1: Perceived Lack of Content

You could think that you are not a leader in your industry and that people won’t take you seriously. However, that kind of thinking is inherently flawed, because for any business to be successful, it needs to generate new content regularly.

Therefore, it is important to create the time to generate fresh and new content, and not just for your webinar. You need this to make your business profitable. So, think about what makes you different from your competitors and work on that. Use that information on your website and promotional campaigns. When you start doing that, you will have enough fresh content to launch your first webinar.


Obstacle 2: Perceived lack of target audience

If you are thinking about the importance of having a specific target audience rather than a general one, then you are already on the right track. In fact, it can be fairly easy to create content for a target audience.

For example, instead of having a theme “The Basics of Marketing”, you have a theme called “The Basics for Marketing for Technology Professionals.” Doing that lets you use the same content, but re-branded in a specific way for a specific audience.

You can overcome the obstacle of not having a specific target audience by re-branding your existing content to make is specific to segments of your audience.


Obstacle 3: Perceived High Competition

This obstacle is something that all businesses have to face, and it doesn’t just affect webinars. There is high competition in any profitable industry. So, the fact that there are a lot of marketers who are hosting webinars shouldn’t put you off in hosting one yourself. After all, if you don’t start hosting webinars you are letting your competition gain more ground.

It is important, therefore, to follow the rules of marketing: developing regular fresh content and deliver that to a specific audience.

Did you notice that these are obstacles 1 and 2? Therefore, if you overcome those, you will also naturally overcome obstacle 3.

Don’t worry about the perceived obstacle of high competition. You need to carve out your own space among your competitors.


Obstacle 4: Worrying About A Low Attendance Rate

There is a saying: “You never know until you try.” The only way to really know what your webinar attendance figures could be is to host one. So, how many attendees do you need to host a successful webinar?

Let’s say that you host your first webinar and you only have two attendees. Is that a failure? Not necessarily, if those 2 attendees become 2 new clients. Your webinar has been a success!

Of course, it is important to get as many attendees as possible, however, you should focus on delivering quality, and don’t focus too much on quantity. In the end, quality sells and it is this quality which sets your business apart from your competitors.

If you host quality webinars, you will get more and more people attending your webinars.


Obstacle 5: Fear Of The Unknown

For many people who have never hosted a live event before it can be a challenging prospect. However, you should never let fear of the unknown to become an obstacle which stops you from launching your first webinar.

One of the best ways of overcoming the fear of launching your first webinar is to practice it well beforehand. After all, you are already an expert on the products that you sell and you are the best one who can promote these. You can be sure that if you practice all the parts of the webinar presentation, you will deliver a killer webinar which will boost your business.
So, now you know how to combat obstacles that could hinder you from launching your first webinar.

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