14 Reasons to Fall in Love with Videoconferencing

Love is in the air, and ClickMeeting is our sweetheart. From face-to-face communication to convenience and reliability, videoconferencing is the sweetheart of organizations everywhere. In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday on February 14, we wanted to share with you our top 14 reasons to fall in love with videoconferencing.


1. It’s affordable

Videoconferencing is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase productivity, output, and profit. ClickMeeting provides an affordable way to communicate and collaborate in real-time. The cost of video equipment has decreased over time, making the necessary technology for holding a videoconference well within the reach of any business.


2. Reduces travel time

People used to have to make a trek by car, bus, or plane to get to an important meeting (and some people still do this). With videoconferencing, it’s no longer essential to make people travel to have a high-quality, effective meeting.


3. Prevents meeting delays

If someone can’t make it to a meeting in-person, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be rescheduled. Employees and business partners can simply dial in and have a good face-to-face conversation without having to postpone the progress of an important project.


4. Allows meeting to be more inclusive

No one need be left out of a meeting with video conferencing. As long as they have an Internet connection, computer with webcam, and videoconferencing, they can be included in essential discussions and decisions.


5. Increase collaboration and team building

Research shows that teams that work together via videoconferencing are more productive than those who work strictly by e-mail and phone. This effect comes from videoconferencing’s ability to connect people in real time and provide face-to-face collaboration.


6. Maximizes face time

There’s no substitute for quality face time between colleagues – it builds rapport and strengthens relationships. People who collaborate virtually work better together when they use videoconferencing.


7. Makes remote meetings more engaging

A conference call can work in a pinch, but things can quickly get awkward and confusing. It can be hard to tell who’s talking, when to speak, and whether people are on the same page, among other things. The ability to see the other people in the conversation makes videoconferencing keeps participants engaged.


8. Connects people anytime, anywhere

Videoconferencing is the perfect communication medium for quick but essential meetings. Need to discuss something immediately with a colleague? Log in to ClickMeeting and you’re there, instantly.


9. Improves efficiency of meetings

No one wants to sit through a long drawn-out meeting. The efficiency, ease of use, and streamlined communication that videoconferencing provides tends to speed up meetings. People come to get the job done and don’t waste time.


10. Enhances communication

What a person says is just part of the message they’re sending. Body language and facial expressions are also valuable (and, arguably, essential) forms of communicating. It’s difficult to get the full meaning from someone if you can’t see them – only videoconferencing can do this remotely.


11. Lets people work from home

Employees who are able to work from home at least some of the time tend to be happier. Videoconferencing makes it possible to be a part of a team while working remotely, leading to more fulfilling work-life balance.


12. Cuts down on decision-making time

The ability to hold a meeting a moment’s notice allows companies to make decisions faster. Videoconferencing also makes it less like that people will multitask and tends to hold their attention better in meetings, making it more likely everyone’s working at full capacity.


13. Streamlines the hiring process

Conducting interviews for job candidates is a time-consuming process. Keep it simple by interviewing them first via a videoconference. It allows hiring manager to get a better sense of their personality and fit with the company than a preliminary telephone interview.


14. It’s convenient

There’s no beating the convenience of videoconferencing for doing business. With the rise of global business and dispersed teams, videoconferencing keeps businesses from falling behind on the more effective business practices.


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