One of the best things about using webinars for your online marketing strategy is that they are very flexible. More and more marketers are realizing that web-based conferences are great ways to generate more leads and ultimately increase sales. To use webinars effectively, there are many different ways that you can leverage their marketing power.

Of course, the benefits of hosting webinar presentations are that they are very convenient for everyone. You and your audience don’t have to be fixed to a physical location. They can also help to strengthen your brand and promote brand loyalty. When done correctly, webinars are part of a very cost-effective marketing strategy.

In this article, you will find out the 6 top topics for hosting successful webinar presentations. These can help you spice up your webinars and keep your audience interested in your future webinars.


6 Ways to Present your Webinar

Rather than just stick to one type of webinar format, you can choose from one or more of the 6 topics for webinars below.


1. Case study webinars

Case study webinars are great ways to show your audience just how valuable your product is. Many marketers already know about the benefits of using testimonials to sell products. However, case study webinars go one-step further. A case study webinar boosts your marketing efforts because you can showcase real-life examples of the benefits of your product. One way to make a case study effective is to include a customer’s story. So, you could tell about the needs of your customer, how your product met those needs, and how the product has benefited your customer.

If you are using a case study webinar to boost your marketing efforts, remember to include real numbers and facts. So, instead of just saying the product doubled your customer’s productivity, show some real figures for tangible results.


2. Educational webinars

Educational webinars are among the most popular types of online presentations. Educational webinars are loved by customers because they provide them with true value. Most people who sign up for an educational webinar will do so to get more information on using your product.

However, educational webinars also benefit your brand and boost confidence in your products. This happens in a number of ways. For example:

  • You get to show your expert knowledge on the product and show how it can benefit your customer.
  • Your customers will learn to come to you for solutions to issues that they are facing.
  • You get the chance to upsell or cross-sell similar products that may be of benefit to your customers.

With educational webinars, it’s important to remember that your audience expects to be educated, so keep away from any hard selling. This will just have the effect of driving your audience away.


3. “Ask the Expert” webinars

Using a series of webinar topics called “ask the expert” is an excellent way to boost your authority in your industry. As their title suggests, your audience will be drawn to this type of webinar to get professional answers to their questions.

You can boost the effectiveness of this type of webinar by inviting industry experts to speak at the online event. This has many advantages to your webinar presentation. Some of the benefits to your marketing strategy of inviting experts to speak are:

  • The increase your webinar audience because many will be attracted by the opportunity to hear from an industry leader
  • You can boost sales because a respected third-party endorses your product
  • Your industry expert comes with his own perspective on your product which stimulates more interest
  • Their expertise boosts your own authority


4. Training webinars

Training webinars are a great way to boost efficiency and provide value to a selected group of customers. You can use them to help customers use your product and get the best out of it. Very often training webinars call for more interaction between you and your customers.

One benefit of training webinars is that they can be repackaged for future use. This can save you time and resources in the future. You can also offer the webinar as a free incentive to buy a product. In end, this can boost your product sales because your customers know that they will get the best use out of it.


5. Q&A webinar

Most webinars include a Q&A session to allow the audience to participate. However, a great marketing strategy for webinars is to hold a webinar that is only question and answer. This can be of benefit to all attending your webinar because the content is driven by queries from the audience. Many will sign up for a Q&A webinar because it guarantees them answers to their questions. It also helps to boost your authority because you get to give your expert advice.

If you plan to host a Q&A webinar, it’s important to prepare well beforehand. You should try to foresee and anticipate the types of issues that your audience faces and any questions they may have. These types of webinars are excellent tools in keeping your audience engaged.


6. Discussion webinar

Discussion-type webinars are excellent marketing tools to present various perspectives on one topic. This is can keep your audience interested throughout the webinar presentation.

The benefits of hosting a webinar based on a panel discussion are that you can leverage the influence of the panelists to boost your authority. Ultimately, this can lead to more signups because your audience gets persuaded by your experts’ opinions.

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