Do you want to have more success as an online marketer? Do you want to get more customers and see sales increase? Have you ever hosted a webinar? If you answered yes to the first two questions, but no to the last one, then read this article. Here are 10 top reasons why you should hold a webinar today.


1. Boost your authority

First of all, they will boost your authority in your specific niche. Webinars give you the chance to stand out from the crowd. When you speak with authority on your subject, people’s perceptions of you will change. For example, when you show how something is done, or teach about a new product then people will come to view you as an authority. Webinars give the opportunity to stand out as a market leader.


2. Cost effective

Webinars are very cheap to host. They don’t require that attendees travel long distances to attend. In fact you can host them without having to leave the comfort of your office. Imagine being able to talk to 200 or more people from all over the world for one low price and get all the amazing elements of a platform, such as offered with ClickMeeting, including video, photos, desktop sharing, polls, chat rooms and branding, just to name a few.


3. Increase longevity

All webinars can be recorded for future use. You can repackage them and reuse them in different ways. They could be an incentive to opt-in on landing pages. Or it could form part of an online course for new members. One 90-minute webinar gives the potential for 9 – 10 individual smaller videos.


4. Interact with audience

You are able to get live feedback from the audience. Let’s say you have a new product to launch, a webinar beforehand would allow you to conduct polls and surveys . You can also address any questions or issues that someone has with a service or product.


5. Videos dominate marketing

There has been a steady rise in the dominance of video marketing. Videos dominate online, in both the marketing sector and those watching for entertainment purposes. Google now also includes videos in their search engine results. Webinars give you the chance to have a large library of video content online which will then be picked up by the search engines. Think about how that can increase your online exposure! You could go even further – post webinar highlights on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


6. Increase your client base

Webinars require attendees to register with an email address. The information collected can be a gold mine for email marketing campaigns. You can also use the email addresses for follow-up emails. These can be used to send highlights of the presentation, more training information or an invitation to the next one. If you can encourage participants to share on social media, increasing your client base even more.


7. Multi platform based

The software required to host and take part in webinars is usually available on all operating systems. So, whether a person is at a PC, iPad or using a Smartphone, it is possible for him or her to participate.


8. Educational

Webinars should not be all just about sales. People love learning new things. If you can offer a free webinar, then people will sign up for it and reward with their loyalty for the value your provide. Training courses, educational sessions and demonstrations all build relationships and trust. This can increase your sales in the long run.


9. Increase profits

It’s been proven time and again that webinars increase profits. Why? Because of the 8 previous reasons. When people can listen to a trusted source, see how the product works, and also ask questions – they are more likely to buy and turn into loyal customers.


10. They work!

They are one of the most effective marketing tools. They work with all age groups and virtually any nice or industry.

If you want to increase your customer base, increase sales, engage your customers, find cost effective ways to market your product or service ñ then hold a webinar today!

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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