Important Follow Ups for Webinars

There are 3 important stages of a successful webinar and the preparation, the presentation, and the follow-up. Most webinar presenters spend a lot of time in preparing for the webinar and then presenting it. However, many forget that there is still much to be done after the webinar.

You shouldn’t view your webinar as just an end product. This is because your webinar gives you a platform to build upon. In fact, you should view the follow up for your webinar as building on a foundation that you have already a lot of time spent time and effort building.


Therefore, it is important to always have a robust follow-up plan for every webinar. This has many advantages, some of which are:

  • You can boost sales
  • You can increase your return on investment
  • You can strengthen relationships with your customer base
  • You can build interest for your next webinar


Best Follow-Up Practices for Webinars

What are the best follow-up practices for webinars? This article will highlight important follow-ups for webinars. By following these you will make sure that you optimize all the effort that you put into delivering the webinar.


First of all, it is important to divide your follow up emails into 3 groups:

  • Those who attended
  • Those who didn’t attend
  • Those who received an email invitation but didn’t register

This is important because, although the emails will be similar, some content should be different for each group.


How to Follow Up Attendees

The most important group to follow up on is your attendees. How should you do this?


Prompt Thank You Email

You should always send a thank-you email within 24 hours after the webinar. Remember that the person chose to take time out of his schedule to attend and you should thank them for that. The email should include any information that you promised to deliver.

The follow up email should also include a summary of the main points covered in the webinar. This list doesnít have to be extensive, but just enough so that the recipient can see at a glance the main points.

As a bonus, you could send a PDF handout with the slides that you used. Many who attended your webinar will appreciate this because it gives them a reference point for the future. Of course, always send a link to the recording.


Follow Up With A Survey

A few days after your thank-you email, you could send an additional follow up email with a survey of the event. You can ask attendees to rate various aspects of the presentation. This can provide you will valuable information on how to present information that is relevant to your audience.

Always remember to provide an incentive to complete the survey. This could be a coupon to receive a discount on attending your next webinar, exclusive access to areas of your website, or the chance to receive additional information from you.
How To Follow Up Those Who Didn’t Attend

There can be many reasons why a person registered for your webinar but failed to attend. Some maybe didn’t want to sit through the webinar but wanted access to the recording. Or, some maybe planned to attend, but at the last minute couldn’t make it.


Send A Prompt Email

Similar to the email you sent out to those who did attend, you should express your thanks for their interest in the event, but that you are sorry they couldn’t attend.

If you are planning a similar event, you could invite them to attend that. However, it is usually best to send them access to the recording of the webinar and also a PDF handout of the slides.


How To Follow Up Those Who Didn’t Register

The last group is those people who you invited but who, for some reason, didn’t register. There are no hard and fast rules if you should follow up with this group. Sometimes, you can just send a general email to your list with the main points that you covered in your webinar.

However, remember that some people don’t like attending or watching webinars. So, you could prepare a 5-minute slide presentation that briefly summarizes the main points. It is more likely that people will watch this than sit through an hour long webinar.

This can be uploaded to your website, shared on social media, or you could include it in a blog.


Additional Follow-Up For Webinars

In addition to sending out follow up email for webinars, there are many ways that you can repackage the material from your webinar.


How can you do this? Here are some ideas:

  • Split the webinar recording into short segments and post to YouTube and other video sharing website
  • Upload your presentation slides to Slideshare
  • Embed video content from your webinar on your website
  • Use clips from your webinar in email campaigns
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