How to Create a Webinar for Kids to Boost Their Education

Creating a Webinar for children is very similar to creating one for adults. The process is actually identical. The material and the goal are different. Ideally, you will be aiming for educational topics but you are supposed to make it fun. This is a challenging process regardless of the type of presentation chosen. However, a webinar platform is likely to get kids to pay attention simply out of curiosity.

Children are like sponges, and like adults, they are visual learners, which makes webinars the perfect opportunity to engage their interest. The use of video, graphs, images and various other visual media allow you to reach even those students who find book reading a total bore.


Topics For Kid’s Webinars

The array of topic choices in teaching webinar for kids is unlimited, and include:

    • Life Science – imagine showing them a stingray in its natural habitat under water versus just telling them in a traditional classroom. Yes, you can do that using the webinar’s video feature
    • History – The civil war can be recreated using visual imagery to delight and engage a kid’s interest much more so than text on a page
    • Art
    • Geology
    • Anthropology
    • And Many More …


One of the first challenges is finding the right person to present the information. Remember, you want it to be fun. Doing it yourself might be a good idea and it might not, just as hiring a professional may or may not be a good idea. This part is a gamble and you need to assess and re-assess needs as you set up this webinar. Practice is essential, as your audience is different from most, which is obvious.

You are introducing a new learning platform to students, so hooking their interest will not be difficult. There is no need to go so far as to hire a clown in order to make it fun either. The new interactive platform will already be fun. The children will enjoy interaction with a non-local teacher. They get the opportunity to see how a computer can be set up so a person miles away can teach and interact with students.

Oddly, the Webinar format is similar to a real time method of teaching. Teaching is an interaction in which you, the teacher, interact with as many students as possible to receive practical feedback and then open up the exchange of information and feedback into active discussion.

The inclusion of Powerpoint presentations will be a vitalizing charge for the webinar. Powerpoint is routinely used in business every day across the globe. The use of Powerpoint presentation brings life and vitality to the topics presented to the kids. You add color and help students to categorize information, teaching them a valuable learning tool. This forges a novel connection with the students immediately.

Ideally, you will have your remote presenter visible on a separate screen. The presenter can use props to push concepts forward; helping to flesh out the information so the students can actively use the information, they are being taught. It has been stated, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but you are taking this tired colloquialism and turning it into an interactive experience, which the presenter or “picture” will respond to in real time. This platform is radically fun!


What About The Presenter?

Though it might be a fruitful idea to use someone in another room or someone in another state, there is no reason it couldn’t be you, the teacher. In fact, this might be the best approach because whoever is on the screen for the webinar will be immediately respected as an authority figure. This is why webinars are so good for increasing blog traffic.

Webinar presenters are attentively watched and have the advantage of authority. You need to be careful with this since children especially will have a tendency to accept the information being taught as the end-all, be-all of truth. Get your facts straight right from the start so you can avoid stating false information.


Getting Started

To make all of this happen, to create a webinar for kids and make educational topics fun, you will need a webinar platform, like ClickWebinar. Your topic and presentation details should be carefully thought out before hand, and practiced to be sure that everything is well organized.

It is also a good idea to record the webinar, another feature of the top webinar platform services, to have it for future use.

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