A webinar, or online seminar webcast provides a unique and very effective way to bring a plethora of benefits to any type of business. Here are 9 main ways that business can benefit from webinars.


1. Build a Brand

Webinars can go a long way to building your brand. An excellent webinar can showcase what your business has to offer, educate, develop existing customer relationships and attract new prospects and leads.


2. Display Expertise

Businesses need to prove expertise and competence in order to gain the trust of their perspective customers. This is where webinars can be of great service, in not only converting leads into buyers, but also to keep those buyers for life. Webinars provide the unique benefit to ‘strut your stuff’ and to have your most expert employees educate and provide value to leads and existing customers.


3. Power of Visuals In Sale Conversions

If your company is selling a product or service, it is not enough to simply tell perspective buyers what it can do. Did you know that a current study found that 144% more people are likely to purchase a product after seeing a video of it in action, and 67% of online consumers say that the quality of a product image is crucial when making a purchasing decision?

This tells us that visuals can be very powerful in making a sale. A webinar is the perfect venue to that end because it integrates visual learning perfectly with images, videos, graphics, presentations and more. This can go a long way to swaying a lead, and showing how they can’t live without the product instead of simply telling them. After all, seeing is believing.


4. Webinars Bring High Converting Leads

Webinars are very successful tools for marketing in generating new leads that result in higher conversions because they offer the opportunity to attract targeted leads, those potential customers that are most interested in the market you offer, since, of course, no one will attend a webinar unless they are already primed and interested in the topic.


5. Webinars as Post Sale Educational Tools

Use experts within the company to conduct regular webinars for existing customers. These can be educational or informative. Educational can include pertinent information related to the product or service they purchased. And, informative can be anything related to industry trends, emerging and new innovations and overcoming any type of challenges that may exist within a particular industry.

Do not think of these as a sales pitch, but design them to offer value, above and beyond the sale. This is very effective in establishing expertise and shaping your business as a brand that cares and helps, and is not only about making sales.


6. Use Webinars to Grow an Online Presence

Valuable content is still the most effective way to drive web traffic to business sites and also improve rankings in valuable search engines, like Google. All product demonstrations, educational and informative webinars you conduct should be posted on your site or blog. Then broaden your reach by using social media to promote those webinars.

Social media is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful venues, to spread the word about products and services you offer. In fact, 93% of marketers use Social Media for business and 33% of consumers cite social networks as the main source to discover new brands, products or services. Facebook, one of the most powerful social venues has 1.15 billion users and 47% of Americans admit that Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases. How powerful is that? (Statistics Source: Search Engine Journal).


7. Cost Effective Sales and Training Tools

Webinars also benefit business in being cost effective for both marketing purposes, as well as for in house training.

Since webinars allow people to gather and be informed from anywhere in the world, there is no need to pay for travel costs or to host live seminars in various locations, all of which cost money. And, depending on the size of the business this can be quite a bit of savings.


8. Product Launches

Webinars offer the unique ability to provide maximum exposure for new product or service launches. Take advantage of a webcast to create a virtual event to showcase what you have to offer. And, since webinar platforms offer many promotional tools within the interface, such as social media sharing integration and live Q&A sessions, this brings the maximum amount of engagement, as well as promotion.


9. Training of Employees

One of the most powerful benefits of webinars is the ability to train employees from around the world without the need of anyone having to leave their office. All the best tools are at your disposal within the webinar platform, including presentations, video, images, Q&A, chat for brainstorming and much more. And, don’t forget that webinars can be recorded, so staff can refer back later and review any information they wish. This is just another added benefit of webinars that live meetings do not offer.


Final Thoughts

As you can see webinars bring many benefits to any type of business in any market. When used to their full advantage they can offer unparalleled rewards and advantages to propel your business forward and provide optimal growth.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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