Affiliate marketing requires a strong marketing campaign to be a reliable source of passive income. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

One way to strengthen your affiliate marketing campaign is to use webinars. Webinars allow you the opportunity to reach your audience on a level that you can’t do with email campaigns or your blog page.


Why Use Webinars for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

It seems that affiliate marketers already have so much to do in promoting their products. So why should you think about adding to the list of tasks in your marketing strategy?
One reason for using webinars as part of your marketing strategy is due to the way that Google has changed (and keeps changing) its search algorithm. While it is still important to build inbound links, have good on-page optimized content, and regularly update your website, it can be a challenge especially for affiliate marketers, to do this.

Webinars are the perfect marketing tool for affiliate marketers because they don’t rely on Google to make sales. In addition, because you are selling products through affiliate marketing, webinars allow you the chance to educate your audience about the benefits of using the products you are promoting.

Research shows that webinars are one of the most effective ways to make conversions and boost the commissions you receive as an affiliate marketer.


How to Use Webinars for Affiliate Marketing

Here are some key ideas how to use webinars for affiliate marketing campaigns.


1. Prepare

Many affiliate marketers are hesitant at hosting a webinar. This is probably because most of the time affiliate marketers don’t have to connect or deal with their customers.

To prepare to host a webinar, you could make a few videos on and post them on YouTube or your blog. This will give you some practice in speaking to a camera and you may even boost rankings in the search engines at the same time!


2. Use Q&A sessions

When hosting a webinar as part of your affiliate marketing campaign, you should host some question and answer sessions. You are in the best position to explain to others how your promoted products work. Let your audience ask questions and this will make them more confident in the product when they hear you explain the product.


3. Provide free handouts

Another great feature that you can add to your webinar is to offer something of value for free. This could be extra information on the product, demonstrations how to use the product or related items that may be of use to your audience.


4. Repackage webinars

Once you have presented your webinar, you have a lot of information and content that you can use as part of your marketing strategy. Here are some ideas how to reuse content from a webinar:


  • Record the whole program and have a link on your site where customers can view the presentation.
  • Break up the video presentation into smaller segments and upload to video sharing sites or feature them on your blog.
  • Use the slides from your webinar to create a PDF handout that you can send to everyone who attended the presentation.
  • Use promotional material like a PDF handout or short training videos to encourage website visitors to opt-in and join your mailing list.
  • Use the content from your webinar to write a series of blogs to post on your website or form the basis for an eBook.


5. Use email campaigns

Although webinars are one of the most effective marketing tools, email campaigns should also be part of an effective affiliate marketing strategy. In fact, webinars can do a lot to boost the scope of your email campaign.

Attendees usually have to register for a webinar by leaving their email address. This helps to expand your contact list and you can use that to boost your marketing efforts. In fact, recipients of your promotional emails will be more inclined to open them because they already ‘know’ you.

If you continue to send high quality content in your emails, you will find that your affiliate sales will increase as well as your webinar audience.


6. Use a guest speaker or testimonials

It is one thing for your customers to read about a product but it another thing to hear an endorsement from a third party or testimonials from users of the product.

Depending on the type of niche you have, you could invite a well-known person to speak on the benefits of the product. Or, do you have happy customers who would be willing to speak? Why not invite one or two to speak in your next webinar?

Although it can be a challenge for many affiliate marketers to organize and present their first webinar, the potential to boost affiliate marketing campaigns is huge. In fact, webinars can be used as part of a marketing strategy for any type of affiliate marketing.

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