In recent years a trend has emerged among service providers: specialization. Why? When consumers need help, they want a professional with skills and depth of knowledge — the best in that specific field, not a generalist. But it’s difficult for the average consumer to sort out professional qualifications. So they rely on other professionals for the hand-off. Here’s a videoconferencing idea to accomplish that.


Imagine a relay race. Four of the world’s fastest runners team up to go for the gold. Each is a world-class athlete.

They get off to a fast start. Twice the baton is passed to the next runner without a hitch. But on the final leg of the race, the runners fumble the baton, losing time, blowing their lead, and ruining any chance of winning a medal.

Collaboration fails.

It happens once in a while in professional sports — and constantly in professional services. Here are some surefire ways for professionals to improve their collaborative skills, using ClickMeeting videoconferencing software.



Demonstrating Collaboration

First, let’s look at an example. Then we’ll see how the principles might work for your service category.

Imagine a financial planner, a tax professional and an attorney. They decide to team up to serve their wealthiest, most successful clients. Their knowledge and skills dovetail perfectly. What’s the best way to demonstrate their collective capabilities?

Well, one way might be to use ClickMeeting to record a videoconference of all three professionals discussing a key subject, such as estate taxes.

The attorney could explain the legal concepts. The tax professional might talk about the tax impact. Maybe the financial planner reviews various financial strategies for repositioning income and assets to minimize the tax bite.

Then they could publish the recording using ClickMeeting free hosting. Or each professional could embed the video on a website or blog, and promote it in social media.

And if it turns out to be popular, why not record a monthly series of talks on various subjects? Videos don’t have to be lengthy; they can be “sound bite” clips. On the other hand, a full discussion of a timely topic might be a great way to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about.


Collaborate “Live”

And why stop at promo strategies? Clients might love how videoconferencing saves time and money.

Now, there may be great value in getting everybody together initially for an in-person meeting. The client deserves an opportunity to shake hands with everyone, and maybe enjoy some pastries and coffee 🙂

But what about the small issues that arise as the relationship develops? A videoconference might be the perfect way to answer questions and iron out the details.


Who Can Collaborate?

Think of the people in your network. Could you team up with them to add value to clients?

Let’s think of a few examples:

  • Carpet cleaner, housekeeping service, handyman
  • Architect, designer, builder
  • Landscaper, gardening center, deck builder
  • Veterinarian, pet groomer, dog walker
  • Marketing firm, web designer, copywriter

With a little imagination, you could make this work for your service category too.


Planning Your Collaboration

Now, some people might tell you to develop a careful plan, with all the angles figured out in advance. Naah 😉 I say jump right in and get something done.

Why? The most important work is to line up the right team. ClickMeeting makes the rest easy.

And besides, if you sputter along for weeks or months trying to get it “just right,” imagine all the opportunities you might miss.


How to Collaborate

So here’s how to get off to a fast start. Begin with ClickMeeting 🙂 No surprise there; it’s the easiest, most full-featured and economical platform on the market.

Then schedule your collaborative partners for a test session. Decide on a time limit: let’s say 15 to 30 minutes.

Agree on the subject in advance. No scripts allowed! This is a discussion, not a speech.

When the day arrives, everybody logs on. You hit the record button. And you start exchanging ideas.

Simple as that.



Your Collaborative Video

At the end, each of you can review the recording. You may love it. You may hate it. But one thing is certain: you’ll learn a lot from the process.

More important, you’ll be developing the reputation-enhancing skill of the hand-off: you and your professional services partners cross-recommending each other to clients.

And don’t worry if it looks a little informal. It doesn’t need to look like a TV commercial. For promo purposes, informality works very well. And if someone stumbles on a word and has to correct himself, it’s no big deal — the same thing could happen in an in-person meeting. Right? Worst case scenario, you can delete the recording and try again another time.

Make a commitment to collaborate. It’s easy, fun, and your prospects and customers will love it.

And think of all the free publicity you could get on Youtube. You could set up your very own channel. It could turn into a worldwide Internet sensation — with you racing across the finish line waving a flag while you take your victory lap. OK, I got a little carried away 🙂

But it could happen. This could be the start of something big!

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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  1. What would be the main difference between mobile phone and VC in terms of the fast pace collaboration?


    1. Karolina Kurcwald February 7, 2013 at 11:43 am

      Well, for one thing, you can use video and lots of collaboration tools – you can work together on files, share your desktop and presentations, so it’s much easier and quicker to share ideas and visualise them.


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