Marketers who use webinars to get their message to the widest possible audience have learned to trust their effectiveness, with trust being defined as relying on the ability or strength of something to achieve results.

For example, educational and informative webinars help to strengthen your authority and build customer loyalty and live product demonstrations boost consumer confidence in your brand and products.

But how does it actually work?


1. The Human Connection

Webinars work on a much more personal level than the traditional cold sales page . People are social animals, so they make a better decision as to the trustworthiness of the marketing message when they hear it from a human, rather than reading it on a sales page.

For example, when customers can see live demonstrations, get answers to their questions from real people, and receive practical solutions to their problems from a human voice, they learn to trust you as an authority.

Can you picture a face or even a voice that represents one of your favorite brands? Not likely. Because your webinar audience gets to interact with you, it is almost like meeting with you in person.


2. Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing tells us that brands that focus on customer retention and satisfaction tend to be more successful than those that focus on sales. The key is to extend communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages. And webinars facilitate just that.

Articles, email campaigns, even pre-recorded videos don’t have the same value as presenting your information live in a webinar setting. People really do tend to buy from brands they like, brands that speak to them rather than speak at them.


3. The Educational Value

Webinars are often highly trustworthy because they tend to be educational in nature, even when they are used to promote a product or service. While sales pages are purely sales tools, webinars offer a platform that facilitates a learning experience for the audience.

A webinar offers invaluable opportunity to showcase the significance of your expertise, and knowledge, as opposed to other marketing venues that ask the audience to accept these without any real proof. This adds incredible credibility for your brand and any products or services it has to offer.



Human connections have been the hallmark of business for years. Perhaps, business has lost touch with this concept with the introduction of the Internet, where endless ads and sales pages bombard consumers every day, and reduce opportunities for building real relationships and showing proof of expertise.

The webinar offers a much more effective alternative and one where a human connection and a platform that can “show” instead of “tell”, offers the best opportunity to instill trust between brand and customer.

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Posted by Jakub Zielinski

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