In today’s society, almost everyone has heard about the importance of developing a brand. Tools such as social media and advertisements are often used to promote one’s brand, but webinars have quickly become one of the most popular ways to do so.

These cost-effective presentations have the capability to draw in large global crowds in search of specific information about how to do something or how to make a wise investment in a desirable service or product. Although you may be providing valuable, ‘free’ information to consumers, you’re also promoting your own name and brand, creating ripe opportunity for business.


Gain Credibility And Trust

Host a webinar about a popular topic or issue that will interest a large number of people. Avoid hosting a webinar about your specific company or about a specific service or product that you provide so that you do not come across as a sleazy salesperson trying to catch a quick break. For example, a company that produces soap may want to host a webinar about ‘The Dirty Truth About Hygiene: 5 Secrets to Staying Clean’ rather than a webinar about its latest, greatest new soap.

More people will want to know about hygiene secrets than about soap. Furthermore, by presenting itself as an expert in cleanliness and hygiene, the soap company can gain credibility and trust in the field, which, inevitably will lead to more sales in the long term. This type of strategy typically leads to very effective word of mouth marketing as well, because people naturally love to share something they learned or an appreciation they feel with their family and friends.


Visually Imprint Your Brand

As the soap company presents its webinar about the 5 secrets to staying clean, it can and should incorporate its logo, tagline, and style into the slides. Your company should not only use a consistent logo and tagline, but also consistent colors and styles. Even the font type should be consistent across all ads, webinars, and product designs. If different colors and styles are used, people will not recognize your brand.

Webinar meeting rooms can be branded and by using the Embed Meeting Room feature, you can actually host the presentation right on your site, which provides the opportunity for added exposure of your entire site has to offer.


Deliver A Compelling Marketing Message

Your brand should be pre-defined as to what you offer and why, and how it is unique compared to others in the market. The primary points of your webinar should not be altered to fit in this brand information, but rather your brand information should be subtlety and craftily woven into your webinar. This ensures that you still deliver a compelling presentation that focuses on the topic that attracted people in the first place (e.g., 5 secrets to cleanliness), while still marketing your company in the process.


Revamping Your Brand

From time to time, the ‘face’ of your brand will need to be revamped. As markets, technologies, and customs change, so should your marketing approach. Your brand definition should not change, but rather the presentation of it. For example, you may want to change styles and colors, the use of social media, and/or the wording of your tagline or ‘promises’ to your consumers. Be careful not to change your colors and styles too drastically to the point that your brand is no longer recognizable, unless you can do it in a creative way and within a massive marketing campaign. Webinars are a perfect tool for revamping your brand.


Social Media And Webinars

One of the hallmarks of effective social media marketing is offering value to your audience that can then go viral, and webinars are the perfect tools to this end. Hardly ever does a social media update such as, ‘We sell great soap’ go viral. However, a webinar launch announcement posted to Facebook, Twitter and Google + can go viral, and especially when there is an engaging, useful, and relevant topic.

When a useful presentation is announced and spread through social media, so does your reach. Reach fuels leads, and leads can then be converted to long-term customers. Every industry has problems that need to be solved and when you present webinars that solve those for the respective target audience, your brand shines through.


Bottom Line

In short, webinars are powerful tools for promoting and building one’s brand. The main topic of the webinar should not be to discuss your company as a whole or a specific product or service that you offer, because people will assume that you are trying to sell them something and that can be a turn off.

Rather, your webinar should be about a trendy topic or intriguing issue meant to provide valuable information and solve problems in your industry. People will receive this valuable information while also becoming informed about your brand in the process. Your company will gain credibility as an expert in the field, which leads to more business and an increasing bottom line.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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