COVID-19 has forced most companies and organizations to make a lot of changes. One of them was The European Law Students’ Association, which, despite the pandemic, decided to remain active and fulfill its mission, which is to share knowledge between students. They transformed all the events they had planned for 2020 into an online format. Interestingly, their online events gathered up to 500 members.


How did they achieve it? We invite you to read this case study for more details.


The customer:

The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is an international non-profit organization run by law students and graduates. Its main goal is to help its members to develop and acquire skills due to the innovative online platform. They cooperate with many students and experienced practitioners from different countries to prepare for work in an international environment. They focus on making work culture based on mutual understanding, intercultural cooperation, and various activities and projects.


ELSA’s reason for using the ClickMeeting webinar platform:

As you can guess, the main reason ELSA members decided to use ClickMeeting was the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions that prevented live meetings.

As Sophie Wilson, President of ELSA Germany, says:


Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not been able to live one of our associations’ most essential aspects – meeting up! We use ClickMeeting for events that, under normal circumstances, would have taken place in person. It covers not only classic event formats but also the plenary of our National Council Meeting. The National Council Meeting takes place twice a year and is our organization’s highest decision-making body.


Despite the difficulties associated with the restrictions caused by the pandemic, ELSA decided to continue its mission and organize its annual meetings. However, their format has changed into a digital one, and the ClickMeeting webinar platform helped them achieve this goal.


As we want to continue planning events, educating law students and young lawyers as well as speaking up on human rights topics, we need a platform to do this. For most of 2020, ClickMeeting has been this platform!


The benefits:

  • possibility to organize large-scale online events with people from over the world;

  • Q&A feature allowing to participate in webinars actively;

  • opportunity to connect from any device thanks to ClickMeeting mobile application;

  • social media sharing feature that makes the online meeting more visible and accessible;

  • ease of use;


The idea that came out of the necessity for change

The idea to organize webinars instead of ‘traditional’ meetings or events resulted from the world situation. ELSA members admit that they had to find a solution that would allow them to continue their current work, as they assumed that the new world situation could last for a long time.

As Sophie Wilson admits:

Everybody knew that normality was not to be expected for quite some time, so that webinars seemed like the perfect way to continue our work – even during a global pandemic. The assumption has turned out to be very true.

The primary audience of ELSA’s webinars

Their webinars and online meetings are mostly attended by:

  • law students;
  • recent law graduates;
  • young lawyers.


Depending on the webinar language, the audience comes either from Germany or from all across Europe.


The biggest challenge related to changing the format of the meetings into digital

One of the biggest challenges that ELSA members point out is the lack of live meeting opportunities that they have been used to so far. As Sophie Wilson admits:


One of the most significant difficulties in this change is the lack of the possibility of face-to-face connection. Generally, our members value direct contact more. That is why we organize so many events each year. Getting these members to switch to an online format was the primary challenge to deal with.


Opportunity to meet people from all over the world

We already know what was most challenging for ELSA members. But what do they consider to be the biggest benefit of online meetings?


The key benefit of online events is connectivity. It has become a daily occurrence that groups from different ends of the country and even different corners of the world organize events and spend time together without any costs or travel time.


An online event for several hundred people without any technical issues? With ClickMeeting, it’s possible!

One of the ClickMeeting platform’s most significant advantages from ELSA members’ perspective was the ability to organize an online meeting for several hundred people — without any technical issues.


The most important solution for us was to host a National Council Meeting online, for which we usually meet up with representatives from 44 different cities for plenaries and discussions. Having the opportunity to allow 500 participants into an online plenary session with no setbacks regarding communication has helped us immensely during the pandemic.


A solution that is appreciated

ELSA members value communication and like to be in touch almost all the time. That’s why they appreciated the ability to connect via the ClickMeeting mobile app, as well as the platform’s interactive features to engage attendees in online meetings.


All of our webinars’ attendees are happy with the platform. We appreciate the constant improvements of the software (e.g., using handheld devices) that make using the platform easier. We especially love the interactive features such as the Q&A Mode, which are very useful during our meetings.


Would ELSA’s members recommend ClickMeeting webinar software?

ELSA members are very pleased with the results they have achieved with the ClickMeeting webinar platform. They admit that it has met their expectations and are happy to recommend it to other organizations with similar needs.


We would recommend ClickMeeting to other organizations with similar needs. The platform allows us to stay in touch with a vast network even in times of a pandemic when we cannot meet in person. Moreover, thanks to ClickMeeting, we can organize events on a much larger scale than before. The platform is easy to use, accessible, and intuitive to us and our partners and other externals who have not practiced using digital webinar platforms.


If you also want to organize online meetings but have not yet found the right tool, check our offer. ClickMeeting is an advanced webinar platform that will surprise you with its functionality and ease of use.

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