The first need of membership-based organization during the pandemic was to connect with their members and offer them support in a time of uncertainty. ClickMeeting has helped us bring the Community of Association professionals together in a fast and secure way.

How would you like to 2X your customer base, subscriber list, or membership count? If you’re like most companies, you’d jump at the chance. As it turns out, the opportunity to grow your business in a significant way might be more accessible than you thought!

We recently sat down and had a conversation with the leadership team at ESAE, who have used ClickMeeting to grow their association’s membership numbers to impressive heights.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to find out how you can achieve similar results.

The European Society of Association Executives

The European Society of Association Executives, brings together professionals and encourages the exchange of best practices in the field of association management. Physical and digital events, seminars, and networking sessions all contribute to an impressive network of professionals sharing knowledge, skills, and insights that help them further the success of their own associations.

Connecting Members Across the Globe

Based in Brussels, Belgium, ESAE serves members across the entire European continent. This poses a problem: how do you reach and meet the needs of all members when many of them live hundreds, if not thousands, or miles away from your organization?

The answer, for ESAE, was to either invite members to Belgium, or host one-off events, workshops, and other gatherings in select European cities throughout the year.

These in-person events were highly valued by ESAE members. But when the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on lockdown, ESAE had to find a viable alternative to in-person get-togethers. Fortunately, they’d already been experimenting with online events.

Using ClickMeeting, ESAE began ramping up their online event schedule in 2020 to connect and serve its members — even as social distancing became the new normal.

Powerful Online Educational Events

With ClickMeeting, ESAE has hosted a series of events for its members, from educational webinars to online networking sessions. In the organization’s own words:

One of the biggest benefits to using ClickMeeting is the speed and simplicity of the platform. We’ve also achieved huge cost savings, which has been another advantage.

Even more importantly, ESAE’s leadership claims that the feedback they’ve received from webinar attendees has been “very positive.” Because of this, they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ClickMeeting to other businesses who have similar needs.

Twice as Many ESAE Members in 2 Years

According to an ESAE spokesperson:

Using Clickmeeting, we have increased our membership across Europe. In just two years, our non-Belgium-based membership doubled, going from 15% to 30% of our total members.

How did this increase in membership happen?

There are a couple of points to look at:

  1. Online webinars allow ESAE to reach more of its target audience with the resources these individuals need to succeed.
  2. ClickMeeting is a professional-grade webinar platform that the ESAE team says is “efficient and high-quality.” This allows ESAE to host world-class events that keep its members excited and coming back for more—even if they live outside of Belgium.

A piece of software is only as good as the results it helps users achieve. ESAE is proof that ClickMeeting helps users achieve real-world success.

Build Your Brand With ClickMeeting

ESAE is a great example. Any company, big or small, can use ClickMeeting to connect with a target audience, build a better brand, and achieve more success. All you have to do is sign up for your 30-day free trial (no credit card required) and use our industry-leading features.

If you decide that ClickMeeting isn’t the tool for you, no hard feelings. But if you’re able to reach higher levels of success with our platform, you can continue using it for just $25 – $45 a month, depending on the plan you select and features you need access to.

Take the plunge — just like ESAE did — and sign up for ClickMeeting today!

With ClickMeeting, we have found a  good quality, professional, easy to use platform.

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