Around the world, there is a subset of committed professionals who are globalizing the workforce by their own choices. These folk are vagabond workers, traveling from place to place as they work remotely. Some are free agents working for themselves, while others are full-time employees for businesses. Either way, they’re building a trend that is quickly picking up speed, especially among younger generations.

If money and job responsibilities are flexible, these workers can choose which country they live in and stay for as long as they like. Many can get by living day-to-day on a shoestring budget so they have enough to travel to their next place. They’re making a living being a gypsy, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is a lot of freedom that comes with this living situation. There’s also one thing that makes it all possible: videoconferencing. Without it, this trend would come to a screeching halt. Video conferencing allows these remote workers to communicate easily and at low cost with their bosses, clients, and colleagues. Interested in a lifestyle that lets you work hard and play hard all over the globe? Read on to discover the benefits of videoconferencing can bring for professionals with wanderlust.


Make Contacts in Other Countries

Traveling has its perks, and some of those are related to business instead of pleasure. You can meet a lot of people when you’re globetrotting, which can be beneficial to your personal small business or the company you work for. Those initial in-person meetings can set you up for a long-term partnership or business relationship. Get out there and network, international style!


Keep Your Clients

If you’ve got an established business and you have good clients who you work with regularly, up and moving would normally mean leaving them behind. With videoconferencing, you can keep your clients as you move from place to place. Need to touch base with a client in Paris while you’re in Sydney? Videoconferencing can do that. You won’t have to start over with every more when you can easily maintain contact with the power of videoconferencing.


Change Your Perspective

People travel for different reasons with different goals in mind – but everyone wants to experience the culture. There are business benefits to this that will expand your mind for the benefit of your career. You’ll be able to pick up on cultural customs and learn how business is done in other countries with a little bit of immersion. This information can be used to work with future clients from those cultures.


Learn a New Language

In many countries, you can get away without learning the (especially if you speak English). But if you’re staying in a country for an extended length of time, odds are you will pick up some of the language here and there. Beyond that, you should make a concerted effort to learn the language by taking classes – you never know when it might come in handy.


It’s a privilege to have the freedom to travel for business at will, and something that one should take full advantage of. Videoconferencing is an essential aspect to successfully being a gypsy while tending to your career. There are many great advantages to being a virtual work globetrotter. Thankfully, videoconferencing is a software service that makes it possible to find yourself personally and career-wise at once.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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