When doing a webinar, it’s usually just you and your audience. While this can be a great way to get personal with your viewers, it can become a little overwhelming if you’re carrying the entire presentation on your shoulders. This is especially difficult if you’re new to webinars and need another person or two to fill in some of your time. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider having a moderated panel discussion at your next webinar presentation.

With a panel, there is a variety of benefits that can not only enhance your webinar, but also give you the experience you need to keep making your webinars better as you go along. Check out the following advantages of having a moderated panel discussion at your next webinar presentation.


Moderated Panel Discussions: How they Help Your Webinar

When you have a webinar, you’re throwing a lot of information at your audience in the allotted time you have. Even though webinars are interactive, not everyone may get to make a comment or ask a questions, meaning that your info may not be as well-received as you would hope. One of the best ways to ensure that your audience has really absorbed everything you’ve presented is to have a space where they can ask any questions and make any comments they like to enhance their understanding of your webinar. When you use a moderated panel discussion, you can expect the following benefits:


Shared Responsibility: When you have a panel of experts presenting alongside you, you all get to share the responsibility of relaying information to your audience. Whether this is for an online class, a business meeting, a deal, or a report, you can view your presentation as a group project that is handled by you and your fellow colleagues.

It Gives Your Audience a Chance to Engage: Typically, about half of your audience will be comprised of introverts or soft-spoken people. These individuals are often less likely to speak up on their own, but will feel obliged to join in if given an open space. With a moderated panel discussion, the audience is allowed to ask questions, pitch comments, and speak their minds. When the floor is open to them, you’re more likely to have more people engaging and asking questions, which gives both you and them a better understanding of everything they’ve just learned.

It Relays Your Information More Efficiently: A time for discussion naturally clears up anything that was confusing or hard to comprehend during your presentation. When a dialogue gets going, questions that much of the audience may have are asked, and you and your panel are able to give helpful answers. When this sort of environment gets started, you can be sure that your audience will leave feeling even more informed than you had hoped.

It Gives You a Chance for Audience Feedback: During a moderated panel discussion, you can ask the audience any questions you like. This opens up the floor to any feedback you may want or need to hear from your audience. You can cover everything from the presentation itself to how information was relayed, what was and was not helpful, how you can improve, and what needs to go. The best way to make your webinars better is to get direct feedback from those who have participated in it with you!

It Establishes You As a Professional: Many people consider moderated discussion panels to be the mark of a professional and high-caliber presentation. Many businesses use these panels to make their businesses better and more efficient, and you can do the same. The people you include on your panel, how well it’s moderated, and what you get out of the discussion itself can really make or break your webinars in the future. When you include a panel discussion, it instantly establishes you as a professional and gives your webinar a feeling of authority and expertise.

Moderated panels are widely used by many big and small brands. Consider this option to make your next webinar truly stand out.

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