A brand is in essence the core of any business. For individual marketers running an online business, brand is who you are. It is what differentiates you from competitors. It makes you unique. If you play a role in managing the business, then your values and unique traits are a part of your professional life. It is what differentiates you from all the other businesses, and it must look, sound, and act differently than the competition. Many marketing goals include strategies to make their brand stand out from the rest, be it in logo design, trademarks, slogans and of course what the business stands for.

During a webinar presentation, it is essential to use what makes you stand out from every other business, and that is your brand. People are bombarded with marketing information every day, never assume that they will remember who you are, you must be sure to show off your brand and really make it stand you during a webinar, here are a few tips on how to do that.


Brand Your Webinar Space

Some webinar presentation programs, such as ClickWebinar allow you to brand your meeting room, take advantage of this great feature!


Be Simple in Your Language

Jargon can alienate your audience, especially when reaching out to a broad base. Even those who are familiar with the terms want to hear your words as a part of your unique brand, not everyone else’s slang. There will always be a chance to reach out to consumers who use that jargon in webinars that are more specialized.


Be Personal

Don’t talk about all the embarrassing arguments that happened after last year’s Christmas party, but don’t be afraid to let your audience know what your business and brand has done through anecdotes. Stories that relate to the content you are promoting will entice your customer’s attention, even when creating webinars from business to business.


Be Creative

What makes your brand unique can also be used to make your webinar stand out from the competition. Webinars do not have to be presentations with voiceovers. Research what other kinds of webinars have been produced and see if you can incorporate elements of them into your own work. Even if it’s a little strange, try whatever best relates to the content you produce and is within your company’s resources.


Be Reliable

Remember that your customers remember the look and feel of your brand for years to come, especially if your business is well-established (and every business is striving to reach that point!) Mix things up, but don’t make radical changes in design and content every time you publish something new. It will confuse your audience and may lead them to think that your previous brand was poor enough to warrant a complete retooling of the entire business. This is not the kind of image you want to promote!


Be Gracious

Make sure your brand stands out because it remembers the people who give them the funds they need to make the business run. Thank your customers for taking time out of their personal schedules to see the content you produce. If your businesses has the available resources, discounts on your product will always be welcome to the audience and may lead to more viewership.


Be Timely

The best time to advertise your brand through a webinar is when your brand has something exciting to share. If there will be a change in the product or the business itself, create excitement by sharing the news early. This also prompts your customers to share their excitement via social media and create free and genuine publicity for you.


Be Holistic

Don’t be afraid to share the values and beliefs of your business, even if they may not be shared universally by your customers. They are a core value of your brand. Those who do share your values will be able to relate to your business on a personal level and will be more enthusiastic than ever about your brand. Customers who may feel differently from your company will appreciate your vulnerability with them and the courage your business has taken in sharing with your audience.


Be Useful

Brining value to your audience is the best way to represent the quality of your brand and what it brings to your industry’s table. Never underestimate the power of being helpful and solving any problems, your customers may have.

Above all, be a human. Remember that even if you are writing from a business to a business, you are still communicating to another person, not a corporate department. There is a reason you designed your brand, and you are the one who stands behind the company’s beliefs and values. Customers want to see a business that can be genuine. They know they can trust the brand when they see real people behind the logo.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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