How To Overcome Fear And Launch Your First Webinar

Everyone gets those annoying butterflies when they get ready to start their own online business. Launching your first webinar can be a very risky venture, but if you have a solid plan, you will do great in today’s market. However, when these butterflies turn into bigger fears, you have to work on those terror pangs and so that you can concentrate on the launch of your webinar.

To deal with these fears, you can start by writing down the goals you intend to achieve when you launch your first webinar. It has been proven that those people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. If you can pinpoint your specific goals and sharpen each of them into a couple of sentences, you will have something to work towards and you will not feel like you are just shooting in the dark. Writing down your goals makes you visualize them in the mind. It brings a sense of clarity and direction, which helps you in getting ready for the tasks ahead of you.

Try and figure out why you are launching the webinar. Fear can easily arise due to loss of focus. If you find yourself getting pulled down by the smallest details of launching your webinar, just take a moment to remember why exactly you are launching it. Rekindling your passion and ambition for the online venture gives you a newer resolve and chases those fears that could be distracting you from your goal.

Change is uncomfortable, but you should be ready to welcome the change that may come after you have launched your online venture. Change will often take you out of your comfort zone and can sometimes require a change in the mindset. Sometimes, it may be as simple as changing the way you do things in the morning or evening, while other times, it may include a whole new shift. Take baby steps so that this change does not overwhelm you. You can start by changing the little things in your everyday life until you get accustomed with the change. Build up slowly until this change becomes part of your daily life.


Tips To Make The First Launch Easier


Make sure to do the requisite research and investigate real life examples of webinars online. Look into how they are being promoted and the content that is being offered. Learn as much as you can and take notes, this type of knowledge and research will provide great peace of mind to going forward and launching your own.

Main Aspects To Look For:

  • Webinar service providers
  • Webinar promotion
  • Content and elements, such as, audience Q & A
  • Attracting an audience
  • Sign up procedures
  • Length, day of week and time of day
  • Webinar protocols and etiquette
  • Interacting with an audience
  • Audio and technical considerations.



While launching a webinar can sometimes be overwhelming, this can be avoided. How? By being fully prepared and organized. It is very easy to get information overload while launching your webinar, and if the pressure becomes too much it can become overwhelming.

Rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed, just make a list of the steps that are needed to create and launch a successful webinar. Make sure to research authority resources into all the steps that are required and then make a list that you can use to check off tasks as they are done. This is the best way to ensure that you remain organized and to avoid panic and fear of forgetting something important.

After you have written down the actions that you must carry out, you will feel more in control and the whole situation will be less overwhelming.


Ask For Help

If you feel you cannot handle everything on your own, ask for help. It’s ridiculous to think that you can achieve everything on your own, so do not be scared of asking for help from other people. ìNobody ever made it on their own. Ask for help from people who have been in this kind of online venture. Their input and feedback can really give you that confidence you need and help you feel more at ease.

This is where the support from the webinar service provider, such as, ClickWebinar, can be imperative, as they are professionals, they have experience and they are ready to help.
Online marketing forums can also be very helpful and are filled with experienced webinar facilitators ready to help.


Present And Learn

Launch your webinar and learn. You will never feel ready enough, comfortable enough or just knowledgeable enough. You will always want a better website, another degree, better branding and more ‘better’ things.
However, if you spend all your time trying to perfect things, you will definitely miss out on good opportunities and the learning process.

Many of these things that you want to perfect are simply excuses because of the imaginary fear embedded in your mind. If you launch your webinar and just move forward, you will have a clearer understanding of the whole process, and you will be able to learn from any mistakes that you have made, which, will only serve you to perfect the craft.

Take the plunge and create an awesome webinar today!

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