Some time ago, we wrote about webinars and how to organize and promote them. Now we’ve decided to look at the webinars our customers organize and see how they’ve been doing. We’ve even created a (really nice) infographic to show you the results.



Multi-purpose format

Webinars are really becoming popular – both as a marketing-and-sales tool and as an educational aid. We’ve taken a closer look at how our customers have been using them during the past six months.  And the results were very interesting – like the fact that there have been webinars with participants from 54 countries!


Preferences and best practices

We’ve seen what the most popular times and days of the week are and how long an average webinar lasts (65 minutes). We’ve consolidated the results, together with a few useful tips on webinar presentations, and created a neat infographic. Hope you like it, because we sure do! Feel free to share it around!




What’s your webinars strategy?

We’re curious – is any of the data included relevant to your webinar experience? What do your webinars look like? Please, tell us!

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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  7. I think this information is really good and presented well. I would just say that I think webinars should be around 35 – 45 mins long (as you suggest) and it’s a real turn off if they are 90 minutes. Far too long.


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