Any online marketer knows that webinars have become the number 1 tool to market products and boost sales. However, to successfully market products and create brand awareness, branding your webinar is very important. If you are in the habit of presenting “generic” webinars you may be missing out on valuable sales and new customers.

Hosting an online event with a live audience gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers in real-time. You can conduct online surveys and polls, get live feedback from your customers, and answer their questions about your product.

Branding your webinar takes your marketing strategy to the next level because you incorporate the marketing power of webinars with the benefits of brand recognition. In fact, if you fail to brand your webinar properly, it could become the weak link in the chain of your marketing strategy.

In this article, you will learn the importance of branding your webinar. You will also learn 6 very important reasons why you should always spend the time to create webinars that highlight your strong brand.


The Importance of Branding your Webinar

Branding your webinar means more than just having your logo as a watermark on each of your slides. Your marketing brand incorporates everything that your company stands for. It includes your values, goals, products, and way that your deal with customers.
This unique position in the marketplace is what helps you to distinguish your company from your competitors.

These values that your stand for should be prominent in throughout your webinar presentation. To help to do this, here are 6 reasons why webinar branding is important.


6 Reasons to Brand your Webinars


1. Webinar Branding Means Recognition

As soon as a potential attendee comes to your landing page, your brand should be prominent in all aspects of it. That means including your logo, motto, and having a clear message that is recognizable.

During the presentation of your webinar, the fact that your customers are familiar with your company colors that you use on slides, the message you convey about your products, and the way you deal with your them, helps to put them at ease and will boost the chance that they will buy your product at the end of the presentation.


2. Branding Sets You Apart

Most webinar platforms come with a standard setup that can get very boring for your customers, especially if they attend many webinars. So, if you get your webinar branding right, not only will your product stand out from your competitors, so will your webinars. This might even boost webinar attendance for future presentations.


3. Branding Adds Financial Value to your Webinar

Branding is one of the main ways to add financial value to your products. If you have spent a lot of time and resources in strengthening your marketing brand, the fact that your webinar mirrors that will add to the value of your product.

This means that customers will be willing to pay more for a brand that they like and trust. Your branded webinar just underlines the value of your product and you will find that making sales becomes easier.


4. Webinar Branding Builds Authority and Trust

Consumers trust brands that they are familiar with. The fact that many have registered for your webinar shows a degree of recognition and trust in your product. After all, your attendees are willing to spend an hour of their busy lives to attend your webinar.

Having brand consistency through all your products, website, blog, and the webinar is all part of building that trust.

The same can be said for authority. Webinars are some of the best marketing tools for building and strengthening brand authority. When you give your customers a dependable experience in the webinar, it adds to your authority and builds their trust.


5. Branding Keeps Customers Loyal

Because your customers have come to trust you and look to you as a source of authority, they will be loyal to your products. So, part of your webinar branding should also involve continuing to deliver high-quality content in the way of engaging slides, polls, surveys, videos, and post-webinar follow-ups.

Remember, branding your webinar is more than just putting in some logos ñ it means that your content should be as of high quality as your products are. This excellent consumer experience will build loyalty in your customers.


6. Branding Generates More Sales

In the end, solid branding always boosts sales. This is because your customers already know what to expect from your brand. By branding your webinar you create consistency across all your marketing strategies. This in itself boosts your marketing power and you will soon find that it is easier to rank higher in Google search results, you get more followers on social media, and more will attend your webinars in the future.

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