No matter how high the quality of your webinar is, the key to it becoming a success is strongly linked to how you promote it online. Why focus online? That’s where most people get their information, and it’s also how they’ll be accessing your webinar. It’s fine to promote your webinar through your in-person social networks and in print media, but you’ll get the most response and return on investment with digital marketing.

There are many channels you can go through to promote your webinar online. Once you hook your online audience, your webinar will serve as the gateway to forming close connections with people face-to-face. Read on for all the details on how you can leverage the breadth of web communications tools to draw people in droves to your next webinar.



Targeting specific groups of people who you know are most likely to be interested in your webinar is the most effective way to promote it. Collecting those e-mail addresses and forming an e-mail invitation to your webinar will ensure that the message gets out to those who could most benefit from the information. Another way to send out the signal about your webinar is to add a short description of the webinar along with a landing page link in your e-mail signature. That way, it will be included in all of your regular correspondences and raise awareness without seeming pushy.


Your Website

Your own business website is probably where you’ll get the most mileage with information about your webinar, because you can literally put it anywhere on the site, as much and as often as you like. You’ll make the most of your piece of web real estate by focusing on a few key locations. Your homepage is an obvious choice to prominently feature information about your webinar. Include a large banner or video at the top of your site that will attract people’s eye right away. A sidebar on each page of your site is a way to ensure that visitors learn about your webinar no matter where they are on the site. An informational blog post, especially one with a call to register, can easily be syndicated, give added value to the site and provide additional information about your webinar.


Other Websites

While your site is specific to the products and services you provide, and targeted toward your audience, other websites that are relevant to your client base can be a good place to reach out to them as well. Consider writing a guest post on blogs that you suspect are heavily trafficked by your customers and cover topics related to your webinar. You might also volunteer to be interviewed for a blog, podcast, or channel where it would make sense for you to include a shameless plug.


Social Media

If you have social media pages, use them all to gain leverage across all the major platforms of the web. Don’t limit yourself to posting only on your Facebook or Twitter page. There’s also LinkedIn, which targets your business and professional networks, YouTube, where you can post a short video to tease your webinar, and Reddit, where you can engage in online conversation in relevant subreddits about your topic. Each post will be a little different, and should be tailored for the platform ­– for example, longer posts for Reddit, slightly shorter ones for Facebook and LinkedIn, and even shorter for Twitter.



Placing ads on the Internet is often hit or miss, but can be worth it when you consider the potential reach of placing an ad on a popular site. Social media ads, while they can be pricey, are your best bet: Twitter and Facebook ads will typically get you the most return on investment. Google Ads are a little riskier, but if you have a larger budget and some skill with the platform (or a good consultant), it may also be worth a shot. Finally, you can also use affiliates to promote a product you plan to sell during your webinar in exchange for a portion of the profit for their referrals.


Needless to say, when you create a webinar, you put a lot of thought into who you’re creating it for. Likewise, it’s important to consider your audience when promoting it. Think about where you’ll find the most people online who would be interested in your webinar, and spend most of your time, money and other resources on getting through to them. The success of a business webinar comes down to numbers, as does its advertising. When you’re planning your promotional strategy, stay focused on which actions will lead to the most numbers – which will lead to the most attendees, and if you’ve got a convincing message, an ample amount of conversions.

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